3rd Trimester

The Eggplant Myth

Anyone STMs had any success with eating eggplant as an induction method? I've heard the old wives' tale before and just downed some eggplant parmigiana! Here's hoping!!
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Re: The Eggplant Myth

  • I had eggplant parm the night before I had my DD. I don't know if that had anything to do with it since I was already 5 days late but I will be trying it again with this one.
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  • I've heard this too and am totally trying (In a few weeks that is)! 

    Who doesn't love some good eggplant parmigiana?!  

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  • I read the OWT too last time, and just for grins, we went out for Italian and I ordered the eggplant parm.

    I did have my water break in the middle of the night that night at 39w1d. We had also had had sex and gone snowshoeing. Oh and there was a massive blizzard with low barometric pressure.

    I don't know if it's more the eggplant, or the basil & oregano in the dish, which could account for the success of the OWT (if you can say it was successful). I read that having a lot of those herbs is contraindicated in pregnancy for their ability to bring on labor...did not know that. So, if you hate eggplant, maybe chicken parm would do the trick. I happen to love eggplant, so the whole thing was worth a shot. :-)

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  • I had my mom make me the famous recipe from Scalinis. They actually "guarantee" that it'll work if you're within 2 weeks of your due date. If you don't go into labor within 48 hrs of eating it at the restaurant they give you a free meal. I ate it on a thurs night, again for lunch Friday and my water broke Friday around 10 pm. Like others said, there's no way to know for sure, but I guess you could say it worked for me! :. Either way, it's a delicious recipe and, unlike castor oil there's no harm in trying.
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  • I ate it near my due date last time and was still a week late and needed to be induced. 
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  • Last time DH heard about a restaurant that guarantees you'll go into labor within 2 days of eating their eggplant parmesan (or they give you a gift certificate for another meal). We don't live anywhere near the restaurant but DH found their recipe online and made it at home. We had it for dinner the 2nd and 3rd nights after my due date passed. It was delicious, but DS was still 2 weeks late. For fun, here's the recipe and story about the restaurant:


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  • I had never heard of this OWT but the restaurant's guarantee is pretty funny!
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