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Really struggling with the nausea...

I'm mid-way through my 8th week and really struggling with nausea. No vomiting, but the kind of nausea that makes me think there is no way I can survive this. It's there from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, and usually wakes me up in the middle of the night. Never in my life have I been so physically miserable. And mentally, I am really wondering if I am strong enough to do this. I was completely unprepared for how hard this is. I can't even imagine living like this for weeks on end and it brings tears to my eyes to even think about it.

I've tried all of the food tips (crackers, ginger chews, ginger tea, lemonade, sparkling water, ginger snaps, more protein), and the Sea bands, acupuncture, and vitamin b6.

I'm really afraid of trying any of the meds, and it probably isn't indicated since I am not vomiting. But does anyone have any other advice? Have I missed something? Any advice for how to mentally make it through each day? I feel like I'm losing it.

Re: Really struggling with the nausea...

  • Have you tried Preggie Pops or Preggie Drops (www.threelollies.com)? They are sooo good and help alot!
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  • no advice, but want to encourage you that you will get through this and it will pass. Sorry that you are having such a difficult time :-(
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  • Talk to your Dr. about taking Unisom - mine suggested it to me. I was able to hold out and not take anything, but if you are that miserable, it's worth a shot. Are you able to eat? Try eating every 2 hours. 

    You can do this, after all, this is probably the easy part!

     Good luck and feel better :)  

  • Thanks! I will order some immediately.
  • First- this is not the easy part.  Typically 2nd tri is the easy part because you'll be past m/s (hopefully) and not huge.  :-). 

     Sour patch kids works for me.  What they do is subside the nausea long enough for me to eat something.  If you keep your stomach full, you should feel better.  Like the pp suggested, try eating something every 2 hours. 

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  • image Qmommy:

     Sour patch kids works for me.  What they do is subside the nausea long enough for me to eat something.  If you keep your stomach full, you should feel better.  Like the pp suggested, try eating something every 2 hours. 

    This this this! Anything sour has worked for me so far. Every time I feel a tinge of nausea, I pop one or two Sour Patch kids Eating all day also helps, but only small meals, too much and my stomach gets queasy.  


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  • Thank you everyone! Just the fact that people responded is a bit of a mental boost. Off to buy sour patch kids and preggie pops.
  • I'm with you, this is my first pregnancy and I feel sick all day long. I asked my doctor about it and she gave me a prescription that has helped some. I've tried all the things you've tried and nothing seems to make it 100% better. My sister in law suggested sucking on lemon drops (sour like the other posts), eating every 1 1/2 to 2 hours so my stomach isn't empty, hot lemon water, etc. Everyone says this part is the hardest, hang in there and we'll get through it! :)
  • Promethazine saved me. Now let me tell you I had morning sickness vomitting and nausea daily all day from week 6 till 22... In and out of hospital. By week 10ish I really just got used to it. The sooner you can accept it the easier it will be. I am so glad I finally got a prescription because it helped me a lot to get through the days. And remember just eat whatever you can/feel like even if its not the healthiest thing. I practically lived on bagels for a couple months!

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  • I'm really struggling too. You're not alone. I've tried all the food tricks and nothing works. The Preggie Pops actually made my nausea worse (I think it was just too sweet on an upset, sensitive stomach). First my doctor put me on a new prenatal vitamin called B-Nexa, but after that didn't help, I'm now on Zofran every 8 hours. Today is the first day with the Zofran but considering I'm sitting here nauseous while typing this, I'm not hopeful :( I'm more worried about keeping food down more consistenly and not losing more weight.

    Good luck! Don't be afraid of the meds. It may be the answer you're looking for.

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  • I don't really have anything to add to your list of things that help, but I'm right there with you. My m/s started week 4, and got worse by week 6. I vomit 2-4 times a day, but now mine has progressed to get even worse. I feel nauseous pretty much all day long, but I know at some point it will end. It's super hard right now, but we're made for this. We can do it!!! 
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  • I gave in over the weekend and tried out half a unisom in addition to the b6. It definitely helped to take the edge off some of the nausea. It's still there, but comes and goes a little more instead of being unrelenting. I'm really nervous about continuing to take it. When I hear the doctor say "it's safe" - what I really hear is "we think it is probably safe." :) But at least for a day and a half, it seems like I might survive. :)
  • Take comfort in knowing you're not alone.  This is my 2nd pg and I just have an overall feeling of nausea all....day....long!  With DS I was nauseous in the morning, would puke & then be ok.  It's different this time..

    For me, eating little snacks thru the day does help.  Also this time I've been sucking on peppermint candies - it really helps my stomach a lot.  I also want to stay away from ANY meds.  But, if you get to the point where you're losing weight, can't even eat, etc. - it's not healthy for your baby - talk to your Dr.

    I can't even fathom cooking or eating any of the typical foods I love, which is really hard for me - I love to cook! 

    This is your first, so just know that it WILL pass - it does get better.  It's just hard to know when - I was sick for the first 4.5-5 months with DS...  Then I felt GREAT.  GL!

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