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How and when did you tell your husband?

Hi everyone,

I just tested at 11dpo and got a very faint line. I don't want to tell my husband until I'm 100% sure, and was debating on if I should just wait until a missed period and a darker positive. How early did you guys find out and when did you tell your husbands?

 Also, I'm trying to think of a fun and creative way to tell him. Did you guys do anything special? I would love to hear your ideas! 

 Btw, I'm actually really nervous. We weren't trying for very long, and this is the first positive I've seen. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you better as we go through this at the same time. :) 

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Re: How and when did you tell your husband?

  • Funny, I just posted on how to tell my parents! I am dying to tell them....

    I actually just told my husband last nght.... I filled the living room with pink and blue balloons, got a shirt that said baby (and had it on), tied binkies onto our dogs collars and got one of those big cookies and wrote #1 Dad on it :) He was so caught off guard and loved it!!


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  • I got a positive on digi at 11 dpo, and I just handed him the stick.   Not exactly exciting, but neither of us generally makes a big deal out of things, we're pretty straight-forward  =)


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  • Hi there! I was in the SAME situation as you! I got a super faint line at 11DPO and wasn't sure if I shoud tell dh yet. I ended up waiting until I got a line the second day to tell him and told him that morning. (I went out and bought a first response early response to use, and the line was faint yet decently clear on 12 DPO.)

    As for how I told him, when we started trying I bought a few baby clothing items online that are exactly dh's style. They are like little mini-me versions of some things he always wears. So I handed him a shopping bag and said that I picked up a few things I thought were just his style and figured they would come in handy pretty soon! Needless to say he was not very interested in the clothes because he was so shocked by the actual news! It was only our second month trying, and I don't think he thought it would happen so soon. : )

    You and I are only 2 days apart! Pretty fun! : )

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  • I was 10 or 11 DPO. I told my husband before my pee even dried.
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  • With DS I found out at 12dpo, tested on a whim and a feeling- he was standing outside the bathroom and I yelled "Oh sh@t!" so he knew immediately.  

    For this one, I tested after I picked DS up from preschool, but before dh got home.  I hid a hot dog bun in the oven and told him that I thought something was wrong with the oven- he went and looked in and he was like why is there a crusty roll in the oven? It took him a few minutes to get it but once he did he was very excited!   

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  • I got a positive pregnancy test at 9 dpo, but it was *really* faint. Like, eye-straining faint. I took a digital the next day and got a clear "pregnant" so I told him then. 


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  • DD1: via text message on his way home from work.  "I need you to help me read this test".  I think I was around 12 DPO and it was faint.  Then we got a digital and he actually read the results to me.

    DD2: The night before my BFP we had this conversation.  Me: "do you think I'm pregnant!"  DH "no, do you?"  Me: "yes, I do". The next morning I POAS and DD1 barged in the bathroom with DH trailing behind.  I looked at the test and said to DD1 "mommy was right!" 

     #3:  me: "can you come here for a second?"  DH "we're watching a video on the computer!" Me: "i need your opinion on a pregnancy test". DH came out immediately.  We were 11DPO 

     Edit to add: my DH would have been offended if I knew and he didn't get to celebrate with me right away.  That's why I didn't wait to do something cute. 

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  • image MAdams728:

    I got a positive on digi at 11 dpo, and I just handed him the stick.   Not exactly exciting, but neither of us generally makes a big deal out of things, we're pretty straight-forward  =)

     I did the exact same thing.  Came out of the bathroom with the digi and just handed it to him.

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  • He was out of town on a fishing trip when I found out so I had a few days to plan. He's a police officer so I went to Home Depot and got a tool belt and then filled it with some newborn diapers, a binky, anti-bac, wipes, tongs, a bottle and some other stuff and made him a "doody" belt and put it where he keeps his duty belt for work so he would find it when it got ready to go.  It killed me to wait, but his expression was priceless.
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  • I took my first at home test 6 days before I was going in for an official pregnancy test.

    The test had a VERY faint line... ive taken tests in the past because we were trying for almost 2 years and i NEVER had a faint line before... and I mean FAINT.

    I didn't tell him because I didnt want to get his hopes up.

    The next day I bought 2 more tests & took one at work. The line was darker.

    So I told him "there may be a possibility... lets not get excited but I think we are!"

    Obviously I took a test every day for the SIX days leading up to my appointment & each day the line got darker  & darker & darker. By the time I went to the doctor I had already had 3 VERY sh!tty nights sleep and felt like crap. I knew we were pregnant!

    Then of course - the doc confirmed it!

  • My husband was out of town for work when I got my BFP so I grabbed a mini card and attached it to our dogs collar when he was about to get home. That way when he walked in the door and the dog ran to meet him he saw a card from our puppy saying hes going to be a big brother. My DH was very surprised.
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  • I had a tatical diaper bag all ready for this magic day, when at 4 am I saw a BFP I couldn't wait I grabbed the bag and woke him up. I said "I tested" and grinned he just gave me a confused look, then I shoped him the bag, which says Baby D******** right on the front and he jsut grinned "really?!?"
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  • Thanks everyone! I just took two more tests with better brands (I was using cheapie internet strips) and they were way more obvious so I'm going to tell him as soon as he gets home from work tonight! 
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    I tested about 3-5 days before my missed AF. I tested in the morning, then I immediately went and showed the test to DH and said, "See that line there? That means you're going to be a dad." And it was awesome! I couldn't be one to wait in order to announce it in a cutesy way. I felt he had a right to know immediately. 

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