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How to tell parents?!

Hi everyone! I am so happy to say that I am new to this group!! After years of trying, I just found out I am pregnant :)

I was wondering, does anyone have any fun ideas on how I can tell my parents? I don't have a sonogram yet and really really want to shock them! I love a good surprise!

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Re: How to tell parents?!

  • With my first I bought children's books with grandma / grandpa in the title and mailed it to them with a picture of my BFP.

    For my inlaws we showed them the sonogram.  

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  • We're telling my parents tonight. We are going to make up a Christmas Gift list (my mom asks us for a list of ideas every year) and we're going to have DH's name and ideas for him underneath, my name with ideas underneath, then "Baby Lastname (ETA 7/2013)" with a few things underneath. We're going out to dinner so we're going to give it to my parents acting like it's just a normal gift idea list and watch them figure it out.

    With my in-laws, we're vising for Thanksgiving so we're going to get Happy Thanksgiving cards and sign them with our names and "Baby Lynch (ETA 7/2013)"

    The rest of my family we will tell when we can show them the photo from the ultrasound which we're having on December 7th.

    There are so many ideas out there, I'm sure you'll find one (or two or three!) that you love!


  • Fun that we told our parents on the same night!

    I so wish I saw this on Friday- I love the christmas list idea!! Hope it went well :)

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