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Annnd we got a tooth!

So I pick LO up from daycare yesterday and she literally has FOUR individual drool trails running down her chin.  and a soaked shirt front.  didn't really think anything of it until last night when she was chewing on my finger and ouch!  wtf...  those lil suckers are sharp!  it's crazy tho cuz she wan't like excessively crabby, tho she has had a slight runny nose for the past week...

woo for teeth! 

good luck ladies hopefully your own LO's don't have a hard time w/ teeth!


Totally spoke too soon!!!  Poor LO was up 5 times last night SCREAMING (she barely even cries!  more like a wimpery wine when she is upset)!  Yikes!  I ended up giving her Tylenol after the 3rd wake up in 2 hours and that worked for a lil bit!  I  looked in her mouth today and there are not one but TWO lil suckers trying to poke thru on the bottom!  no wonder why she was freaking out!   

I can't even believe I am the mom to a two year old...

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