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Get in that picture!

Just a PSA since the topic of newborn photos has come up several times now.  As a photographer myself, I hate having my picture taken.  It's why I started taking the pictures, so I wouldn't have to be in them.  That said, when I do family sessions, I always encourage reluctant parents to get in the pictures with their kids.  Although I dread how I will look in our son's newborn photos, I know that we would all regret not being in them.  I came across this great article that says it much more eloquently than me.  


 P.S. I dare you not to get teary! 

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Re: Get in that picture!

  • Aww, this was lovely.  And I'm guilty of avoiding the camera post-delivery myself... when the hospital newborn photographer asked if I wanted to be in any shots with my son, I quickly declined because I just felt that I looked my absolute worst that day.  Totally regret it now.

    (PS I'm totally crying, lol...) 

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  • I hate almost all of my pictures right now but I know I'll regret it if I don't have them later so I'm posting them on my blog for my family to see. I know in general we're harder on ourselves in photos than other people are so I'm making an effort! I have SO few photos of my mom [she still avoids the camera like the plague] and I don't want to make that mistake.
  • What a great article.  Thanks for posting b/c I wouldn't have seen otherwise.  I forwarded it to all my "mom" friends.  As a STM I really appreciate the honesty in her article.  I don't think I realized how much I avoid pics of myself. 
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