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How I know DH is coming around to a 3rd

Last night he casually says, "So, I'm not sure if we can really afford a van in the fall."

Me: "Okay?"

"Well, can you fit three car seats in your car now? What would you do?"

"Um, you want a third baby?"

"Maybe. I don't know. I'm just thinking."

 I haven't been pressuring him, in fact I've been trying not to mention it. I thought I'd be really excited to hear him talk about a third seriously. But then DD had a bad night and I'm thinking, are we crazy?! 

I think he's getting stressed b/c he finishes his MBA in the spring and we have some student loans from that to pay and thinking about needing a bigger vehicle is overwhelming, I guess.  

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Re: How I know DH is coming around to a 3rd

  • Sounds promising, good luck!

  • Sounds like he does want a third. I think it is sweet that he is "thinking" about it. Good luck!
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  • Awww! Fingers crossed for you :) 

    I want to TTC again once DD is a year old, and DH is having reservations about starting so soon.

    My mom got pregnant (and had an abortion) one month after having me, so yesterday I said to DH, "Can you imagine... if I had gotten pregnant at the same time my mom did, I'd already be 7 months pregnant! Can you imagine?"

     He was quiet for a moment, the said quietly, "That would be ok."

    I was all like, "Whaat??" and he said, "Yeah... That'd be kind cool, wouldn't it?"

     It was really sweet. 


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  • Yay I remember when my DH came around to a third, it was an awesome moment. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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  • Aww, that's sweet! GL to you!
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  • That's exciting!! I really want three, too. We just found out we are expecting number 2 and my DH brought up the min van as well. lol- Men are so logistical about babies :)

  • Sounds promising! We have always said we would have three but DH started backpedaling after DS was born. It was a complicated and difficult delivery and I think he is scarred! I figure I have a year or so to gently convince him we need one more. 
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  • How exciting!  I love how he's being practical and thinking ahead about a van, that's too funny.
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  • Good luck!  Wish mine would make it that easy to let me know.  I have days that I think he would go for it and other days its like no way.  We're older (36 and DH 38).  I was always in the two and done camp, but I love my kids so much and would love to have just one more.  I admit that having two girls and wanting to try once more for a boy also lingers in there, but DH is one of 3 and I think somewhere, deep down inside, he would like to go for one more.  The only hope he gives me is because after having #2 I told him that I wasn't going to go back on BCP - I had been on them for almost 20 years and I had no desire to get an IUD.  I asked him if he would be willing to get a vasectomy and he says 'NO WAY'.  However, he is 100% on board with me not going back on BCP, he knows how they mess with my mood and he respects the fact that I shouldn't have to worry about it anymore.  He also refuses to wear a condom.  He swears that he is a "professional" when it comes to the pull-out method - until about a month ago, when he decided to "play russian roulette" and didn't.  Yep, that's what he called it when I was like, um...what did you just do...  Needless to say, it was toward the end of my cycle (not that he would have known that) so nothing happened.  We shall see, crossing my fingers!
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    That's exciting!! I really want three, too. We just found out we are expecting number 2 and my DH brought up the min van as well. lol- Men are so logistical about babies :)

    Congrats!  H&H 9 mo to you!

  • Thanks for the good wishes! We'll see what happens. He's also set on another September baby after 2 summer pregnancies does he think I want to do that again?!

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