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Would Love Ideas for Baby's Bday on Thanksgiving!

Hi all!  Welcome any ideas here.:)   I just began today to think about bday plans,  my LO is turning 1 on Thanksgiving this year.  Most of our family lives out of state and so it will likely be just our immediate family on Thanksgiving and the actual birthday, and a small celebration that weekend maybe with our friends.  Any advice to help make a birthday special that falls on a holiday?  Does anyone celebrate half-birthdays?  It's really important for me to always make sure that he feels that his birthday is important and celebrated independent of the other holidays.  Thanks for any tips! 

Re: Would Love Ideas for Baby's Bday on Thanksgiving!

  • As for b-day itself serve a small cake with pumpkin pie since you plan on a party for your LO. Take a couple of cute pictures of the cake smash.If you get the small or large bundt cake pans  you can make it look like a pumpkin. You just invert one on top of the other and ice it in orange.

    In the future, decide about celebrating before the holiday or after. Our family generally holds off celebrating until the weekend, either before or after. It just depends on what day it falls. Monday  through Wed. the week before; Thursday on the weekend after.  We celebrate on the weekends so that everyone can have more time to enjoy their cake, instead of hurry up and eat so you can hop into the bath then bed.

     Growing up my sister's b-day was Dec. 17 so it was up to her if she wanted to celebrate her 1/2 birthday. Most times she did not because it meant no b-day party with all her friends (it was summer). My mom's b-day was 2 weeks after Christmas so she knew how bad she could feel.

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  • DD's bday will fall on Thanksgiving on her 9th bday, i think.  When it happens I think we will still do Thanksgiving dinner and just to pie and a bday cake for dessert, do the whole candles singing thing and thats it on that day.  Then over the weekend, have her party.  Luckily, it will only bee everyfew years that our LO's bdays will fall on a holiday, not like a Christmas baby where it will be every year. 

    As for half birthdays, I have a friend whose family celebrates her half birthday as much, if not more, than her real birthday.  Her mom and step dad were in Vegas on her third birthday, and decided to get married, realizing later that is was her birthday!!  (It sounds terrible but it makes sense if you knew them, and they are the cutest blended family ever, and married for 25 yrs now!!)  So to make up for the dual celebration on her bday, they celebrate her half bday as well.  She loved it!

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  • Honestly, half birthdays sound kind of weird to me. I'd assume that you were still celebrating her actual birthday and that you were looking to have celebrations, and possibly gifts, twice a year for the same kid.

    DD's birthday is just before Halloween and I was really not wanting a baby born on Halloween so that I didn't have 18 years of Halloween-themed birthdays to plan. She just happened to be born early and we missed Halloween by 3 days. In the future when she has actual parties with friends, I'm going to make them non-Halloween themed, unless she specifically requests it. I'd go the same route for your LO. Do what you would normally do for her birthday - a cake, party, whatever you want. If in the future she tells you "I don't want to share my birthday with Thanksgiving" or "I really want a turkey-themed party!" then go with that.

  • I'm going to be blunt, bc I rarely am, but I think the idea of a half-bday is so dumb.  To each his own, but seriously?  We were born when we were born, have fun and embrace it. Each day of each season has some good in it.  Try to find the good in this. 

    I am a Thanksgiving baby, Nov. 26, and I'm tellin' ya, I LOVED when it fell on Thanksgiving and would look through the calendar to see which year it would fall on Turkey day next.  Your kid may be different, but like pp said, do a bday party on a different day, or you could embrace it and use that day and think of how nice it is to have an extra reason to gather and maybe family from out of town can make LOs bday when normally they wouldn't?  Try and see the good in it.  Your kid may love it.  I sure did! 

    It was a tradition for me to have pumpkin pie on my birthday, and I LOVED that, too.  We decided to pass that on to DD, being a fellow Nov baby, so she'll have cake at her parties in the future. 

    ETA:  This kept bugging me so I just wanted to say:  The day that your LO was born, no matter what holiday it sometimes fall on, always falls on, or near, is your LO's special day.  Remember that you are celebrating that part of the day.  You don't have to have it holiday-themed, or the party on that day, but embrace the day your LO was born.  The thought of a half-birthday makes me sad.  Why celebrate it half-way through the year?  So that you can have better weather?  Teach your kid that the day it was born was so special and for a reason.  :)

  • image Chan4dra04:

    Remember that you are celebrating that part of the day.  You don't have to have it holiday-themed, or the party on that day, but embrace the day your LO was born.  

    ITA with the half birthday thing; you were just definitely more blunt than me! In terms of holiday birthdays not having to be holiday-themed, that's what I was trying to get at in my response saying I didn't always want to plan Halloween-themed parties unless DD wanted it. It can be whatever you want it to be. I have a friend who was born on Christmas. She hated it growing up because nobody was ever around for a party ON her birthday. But she always said her parents made up for it by having totally non-holiday themed parties of her choosing. So if people came over for her party on or around Christmas, they'd find themselves wearing unicorn horns and eating My Little Pony cake. She liked that her parents didn't try and blend the holiday with her birthday; they made it separate and special.

    Also, pumpkin pie is my favorite. So jealous. Can I get that for a birthday "cake" in June? 

  • Thanks Varkeyr! This is exactly what we will do this year:).. a small cake on Thanksgiving and tons of pictures and videos I am sure, and then have the actual party the weekend after when people have more time to celebrate and not feel rushed.  I can't wait!  PS- I love your pumpkin cake idea too, so cute!
  • Thanks for some good suggestions ladies.  We'll go this year for immediate family celebration with cake on Thanksgiving, and that weekend have a few friends over for party:).  It's so exciting, I still can't believe it's been one year already.:)  I wonder how many times I'll cry, ha!  I had a few friends also suggest ways to make the idea special if it falls on Thanksgiving as they get older- let them pick the dishes for Thanksgiving so it's "their" dinner (I love that idea), or have a birthday banner up with pictures from the year (even if you wait to decorate for their actual party).  The half birthday was just an idea, not for convenience or extra gifts (seriously?), but just to make sure when he's older that friends can come to his party and he feels that he feels important for the special day and doesn't feel lost in the holiday shuffle.     Thanks!
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