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Vent (sorry, longer than I thought)

Yeah. I need to vent. My DH ignored me all through his work (which is all the time lately but I really didn't care. I got it. He's tired, hungry and busy) so when he gets home, he's short with me. Only talking to me if it was something about him and his interests, which, again, didn't care as much.

When my DDs therapist left, I tried talking again, and he told me it was the last night of his fu**ing stupid bet/diet thing at his work with his buddies. He is very close to winning from the sounds of it, so he decided today, he'd only eat cliff bars if he felt hungry (yes, not the greatest idea and he usually doesn't do things like this but he is so close to winning, he got a little crazy with it). So needless to say, he is hungry and ornary and told me so. I understood, but even talking to him sent him into a little pus*y-fit, and so I left him alone.

 I am on a diet as well, but not doing what he is doing with his buddies, I am doing it for me. I am starving now as well, since I didn't get to eat dinner yet. I made DDs dinner, and it is taking a while for her to eat for some reason. The oven is preheated for a while now, and wanted to get my pizza in quickly, so I wanted DH to feed her for a minute tops, so I asked him to come over for that reason.

He came and sat down, looked at the food and said, "Wait, you're asking me to feed her? Are you?" I just stared and said, "Yes-" before I could finish, he immediately was like, "ugh, I am not. I am on my diet and looking at food is killing me. I am not going to do it." Which, yes, I understood, I am in the same predicament looking at the food as well. Still, I just needed him to do it for a fu**ing minute.

I told him "nevermind. Leave." many times, and he was getting more upset. Finally, it turned into how selfish I was and the least understanding wife in the world, and yeah.... So he left to hide in the bedroom, and I thought it over, and thought maybe I was in the wrong, so I went in there to apologize, and he told me "I had my chance earlier" so he wouldn't accept it. I am so pis*ed off. Am I wrong? I don't know what to do? Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry It's so long.

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Re: Vent (sorry, longer than I thought)

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