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Second Beta success!

Nurce called with my second beta results - TRIPLED to 114. Yeah!

she also was very encouraging about the low progesterone (11.9). She said the suppositories just haven't entered my blood stream yet, but the pregnancy is responding will and everything looks healthy. She said she sw no reason to be concerned for danger. Whew!

This thing might just be for real!


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I had unexplained IF (17 BFNs and a failed IUI), a break cycle BFP, low progesterone, a fabulous second trimester, a gender reveal party (gasp!), insulin dependent GD, low amniotic fluid, IUGR, a 34w5d CS, a 13 day NICU stay, and a happily ever after with our beautiful baby boy!

I am a Fearless Formula Feeder!

Re: Second Beta success!

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