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Funny thing happened...

I was holding my daughter on my lap, facing me last week. She still has a difficult time speaking. I pointed to my heart and I said, "heart", and she smacked me in the same place I touched and said, "hit". Then kept slapping me on my boobs and eventually her "hit" morphed to "tit" and she kept smacking my boob all over. I was thankful no one saw that.

Now today, she was working on flashcards with her line therapist. The therapist held up a picture of a bird (which she knows and usually said "pid" or "bud") and she said, "Hannah, say bird" and she said, "poop" making everyone crack up. She asked again, hoping to make it more clear, and she said even clearer, "Poop. POOP". LoL I didn't know this day would come so soon. LoL

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