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Wrong Ultrasound Gender

I got an ultrasound at 15 weeks 4 days and 20 weeks with different two techs.  Both said I was having a girl.  My husband and I have told people we are expecting a little girl at the beginning of February.  Everyone keeps saying are you sure it's a girl... sometime those ultrasound techs are wrong.  Now I'm going crazy wondering if I am having a girl.  Anyone going through the same thing?    Here's a pic at my 20 week ultrasound:


Re: Wrong Ultrasound Gender

  • i'm not expert but i'd say that's a girl.... 

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  • I've seen two "boy" ultrasounds and they didn't look like that, so, I would say girl also.
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  • With a girl, you're looking for three parallel lines where the arrow is pointing.  Definitely looks girl to me, and you got a very clear shot.
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  • I have 3 DDs and another DD on the way, all U/S I have gotten look just like yours.
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  • That is absolutely a girl. I have two boys and there is pretty much no question when its a boy, it would be clear as day.

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  • I'd say it's a....GIRL! :O)


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  •  Wow- at 15 weeks it can be kind of difficult to see, but that looks like a girl to me! 

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  • I had an early U/S with my son at 15w0d (got checked for a placenta issue) and it was totally obvious he was a HE! Definitely did not look like that! Looks like a girl to me ;)

    We are having an U/S with this pregnancy at a day shy of 16wks and hoping for a clear shot! 

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  • I agree with PPs. That definitely looks like a girl to me! Congratulations!
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  • Thank you all!  I asked my doctor about it today and she told me it was for sure a girl and for me to tell everyone to shut their mouths.  I love my doctor :)
  • Oh yeah, that's a girl!! My DS was very apparent on ultrasound.



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  • That's a girl...

    Here's my 20w ultrasound with a boy:


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  • Update on this?? What did you have? I'm going through the same thing!
  • I had a 3d ultrasound at 20 weeks. We got a clear girl shot. 3 lines and she called's all recorded on the video. 2 minutes later, a penis popped up and sure enough he's a boy. From personal experience I would say it's definitely possible for it to be wrong especially that early but I don't think it's very common for it to be wrong, my cousin is a nurse who delivers babies and I think she said of all the babies (100s) she's only had an unexpected gender 3 times. If your baby had a penis it probably would've shown up at some point in the ultrasound.
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