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I'm breaking my "rule"

Before I start let me just say that I think there are done things that are personal choices and we are all grown women who are capable of coming to a decision.

That being said, as a rule for myself I have always been against inducing prior to the edd without a medical reason. I have reached my breaking point. This pregnancy has been so painful and downright miserable compared to my pregnancy with DS. I can't walk more than a few feet at a time because it hurts so bad.

anyway, I broke down today and opted to be induced tomorrow. I will be officially 39 weeks tomorrow and so ready for her to be here. My dr is not pushy and would have been fine letting me go whenever...even if it happened on Thanksgiving. He actually won't induce even after the edd until 42 weeks if your body isn't dilating, effaced, etc. unless there's a medical reason.

But, yeah...I am breaking my rule for the sake of my sanity and body and get to meet my daughter tomorrow! I'm stoked. I kinda hope I go into labor tonight though because I feel like part of the anticipation of "when?" is gone. But I'm still excited. :

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Re: I'm breaking my "rule"

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