2nd Trimester

Very sensitive mothers to be

were or are you like me, did you feel everything from conception to present date. Stick out tongue

 if you are like me, this could be both a blessing and a curse. I enjoyed the very first movements of my child, from ball of cells to the kicking child that is rolling around as I type. to the little pains of my uterus streching. . . dont worry like me mommys to be Angelwe are sensitive, wonderful creatures. and the fact that we feel our childs first movement, is a blessing. so dont worry like I did over every small thing, we have support and other mothers to probe for questions. Be thankful we have modern medicine to tell us what is building inside us. be excited and happy over every little movement. as my best moments are settling into bed with my favorite music playing around the room, and the rolls of my child when it hears its favorite songBig Smile or as i sing along and my voice echoes inside.These simple pleasure's, they make being pregnant worth while. . . I cannot wait to meet my musical angel.

My home is my castle, and someday my prince will come. Everyday is a blessing, you just need to smile :3 ???? Oh yeah and too u >>>>Dont be mad because I am 5 months prgnant, and not a big ASSS Bitch like U!!!!!!!!!

Re: Very sensitive mothers to be

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