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Head measuring 7th percentile.. worried

Just wondered if any of you have dealt with or are dealing with IUGR? I've been having scans every 2 wks since 24 weeks and as of this week baby is overall in 29th percentile but her head is 7th percentile. I've heard of larger heads being an indication of problems but never smaller ones. My OB has me back for another scan next week to look again but he is mentioning early induction and so I'm getting nervous. thanks
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Re: Head measuring 7th percentile.. worried

  • Sorry that I don't have any input; glad the docs are watching things but it doesn't make you feel much better though.  It's been recommended by others in the past, did you check the high risk board?
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  • Our baby's head was measuring 4 weeks behind... Off the chart. We were sent to a specialist every 4 weeks for additional ultrasounds and measurements. They were just making sur there were no growth restrictions and that it was growing... Just on it's own curve. I was actually released on fri because we are back on the chart and approx 2 weeks behind which is in the normal range.

  • I'm due Nov 30th, but lurking on this board.  At my 36 week growth scan, baby's head circumference was in the 10th percentile.  Docs and sonographer didn't seem to be too worried, but have me coming back today for BPP to make sure baby is doing ok and placenta is working, if not they mentioned early induction.  I, of course, freaked out and after much research decided not to worry too much unless I'm given a reason.  There was actually another head measurement BPD, which was fine and apparently these growth scans are notorious for being off.  Our baby is measuring overall small too so I have completely stopped exercising (walking and lifting weights) and have tried to up my calorie intake.  Its hard not to worry, but I feel in my case there is not a whole lot I can do :)
  • My DS's head always measured small, even as an infant. Turns out, that's just the way his head is shaped. I hope that's the case with you. Good Luck!

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  • thanks for replies.. This pregnancy has been one thing after another from the get go! First I got Fifth Disease so was monitored for that, then she showed a bright spot on her heart and a single umbilical cord thingy, now the head thing! Argh. She was measuring 40th percentile so has dropped a bit since a few weeks ago. I guess theyll just keep up the monitoring. I've gained 21 lbs so my OB hasnt told me to eat more/move less etc, yet. Good thing this is my last pregnancy or it'd be the end of me!


    Mama to Logan (7), Angelina (6), Liliana (4) and Oliver (2) 1 surprise baby girl on the way December/January
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