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DS1 is in that phase where he doesn't want a nap but then is a monster if he doesn't.  I used to drive him around, but that doesn't always work.  Part of me is thinking that even if he falls asleep at 4 and doesn't go to bed until 10 or 11, I should just be flexible with bed time and just wake him up every morning at the same time to try to get him back on track.  Any suggestions or stories on how you dealt with this would be a great help!  Thanks!
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Re: dropping nap

  • I have always felt that being consistant is key with kids. Most kids thrive on routine.  I would set a time (say 1pm) for a quiet time.  Put him into his room.  Call is rest time or quiet time  not nap time.  Give him some books or other quiet toys.  If he falls asleep great and if not, he is still getting down time which is just what he needs.  I would not drive your child around just to get him to sleep - sorry but its just not a great plan for anyone involved.  I would also pick a bedtime and stick to it.  Yes, having a later/earlier bedtime from time to time is fine, same with wake-up time but adjusting bedtime by when he naps or doesn't nap is just not a great idea.  Even if bedtime varies a bit each night based on your plans - I would aim to keep it withing a 1 hour time range at most for the majority of nights (yes, we all have times where we are up way later than normal).  My kids go to sleep at around 7pm on school nights and on the weekends, it depends on what we are doing and how the kids are acting - general we still aim for between 7 and 8pm but there are nights that its later.  My kids rarely nap anymore but we almost always do a short quiet time in our rooms mid day, after lunch.
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  • DD naps about half the time now.  She is doing great with her quiet time - she even asks for it!  She'll read books and build towers with blocks and can even pick one or two quiet toys to take into her room for quiet time (she doesn't have other toys in her room).  I find if for some reason she misses her quiet time that she is much harder to handle than the days where she gets it.  On the days that she naps we put her to bed a little bit later (probably 45ish minutes) and she'll just lay in her bed and talk to herself for a while, but eventually she falls asleep. 

    I do agree that driving around just to get a nap in is not a good idea.  You can't really force a child to sleep.  If they are working on dropping that nap, help them make it an easier transition.  Also, during some quiet times DD will just climb into bed and take a nap on her own will.  Good luck!

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