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S/O underwear

What size nursing bras did you ladies buy to have with you at the hospital? I'm working on my hospital bag now and wanted to pick up a couple, but I'm not sure how to size them. Do I get the same size I am now or go slightly larger?

Re: S/O underwear

  • I got mine a bit bigger because chances are your cup size will increase when your milk comes in. I didn't go too crazy buying bras though. Just 2 cheap ones, because I'm not sure what size im actually going to be when baby gets here.

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  • I bought THESE and they're great IMO.  They're very forgiving for growing/shrinking.  I was an A or B pre-pg (depending on which pg you want to count) and I go up to about a D for at least a week or so, then drop back down to around a B for a while.  The bra I posted above worked pretty much for any size I was.  I used them for both pg's so far, and even though I'm still wearing pre-pg bras for now, I have them pulled out for after (I won't be BFing this baby, but my boobs won't fit in my normal bras for a while after).

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  • I was never a fan of nursing bras because I could never find one that fit just right. I ended up using nursing tank tops 99% of the time. I have some cheap ones from Walmart but  my favorites are the Glamor Mom ones.
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  • I'm planning to just get a couple nursing tanks for now (in one size bigger) and then wait until a week or two after I deliver when my milk has come in to get measured and fitted for nursing bras.

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  • My breasts never changed size, I wore the same bras throughout my pregnancy and the little I was able to nurse, I bought nursing bras in the same size I had been wearing.  I liked nursing tanks more, they were warmer and I felt less exposed.  I like wearing tank tops under shirts anyway.

  • I bought two bras in the same size I wear. I'm barely a b, then a full b nursing. I loved tanks and wore them most of the two years I nursed. I used target and Walmart ones last time and now splurged on nice ones from Motherhood I use the old ones for sleeping. I also bought those in my regular size. I was only engorged a few days with dd1 and just two days with this one. So the tank was perfect for that.

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  • With DS I went from a 36C to a 38DD so I am using that as a rule. I never went below a 38D after him so I have a 40 E now. I am wearing it right now and I have a little room left.

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  • Slightly larger.  Have your boobs grown a lot during your pregnancy?  If yes, they will get even bigger when your milk comes in and you'll want a supportive bra. 
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  • I plan to just use my nursing tanks until my milk comes in and gets established.  At that point I will have a better idea what size nursing bra to buy.
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  • Just get a sleep bra (small, med, large, etc.) or a nursing tank for the hospital and then you can buy "real bras" when your milk comes in.



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  • I'd only buy ONE for now.  And I'd probably buy something with a little give or one of the "sleep" nursing bras.
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  • I just talked to my nurse who was a lactation director before at my last MFM OB appointment.  I told her that I bought a nursing cami and will put in my hospital bag.  She told me to buy a nursing bra with one cup size up of what I'm wearing now. 
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