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Is this ok for a name?

So we found out today we are having a GIRL! We have a name we both really, really like (and we all know how hard it is to find one that both like and can agree upon). Well the name we like is the middle name of my little Godson. I know it's not a big deal that it is my Godson's middle name, but that fact that he is a boy and we'd be using his middle name for our baby girl's first that ok?

I thought about asking my aunt (who is his mother) if it's ok, but my husband thinks that if we like it, don't bother getting anyone else's opinion. Thoughts on this??

Re: Is this ok for a name?

  • I think that's totally fine.

    My DS's middle name is Addison. While we don't have family with that name, it's a very common girl name right now.

    This LO we are naming Thomas and that's my brothers middle name and my cousins first name. My brother doesn't go by his middle name and we never see my cousin, so it causes no issues IMO.


  • I'd say if you both like and agree, just run with it. No sense in getting other opinions!
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  • I agree with the previous posters.  My DH and I are naming our son a name that is similar to my DH's cousin's son.  At first I kept second guessing it but we both love the name.  So, we are using it.  If you love the name then go for it!
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  • I say use it! My sister doesn't like our 1 name at the time. But my husband and I have decided that were not looking for anyone's approval, it is our baby! :
  • I don't think you need to ask anyone permission to use a middle name. If you love it, use it. If you're worried about how people might give their unsolicited advice, I wouldn't share the name until after you deliver DD. Although we decided on a name weeks ago, we still tell people we're in negotiations and haven't decided on anything yet. It saved a lot of aggravation when we did the same thing with DD#1.

    Although now I'm wondering what your name is! 

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  • My son will be named Cooper Mason.  My cousin who lives in Arkansas or Mississippi or something has a daughter named Cooper.  I still think it's fine, especially since I feel Cooper is a more masculine name anyway.  That said I did also like Parker but my other cousin (from my dad's side) named her daughter that.  They are much closer and have the real possibility of hanging out together so having BOTH of them be first name Parker and being different genders would be weird.


    Besides that side of the family (the first cousin mentioned) has some kinda odd names for kids (my cousins' names are Pike (b), Shepard (b), Shiloh (b), Sandi (g) and Skye (g)...their kids: Cooper (g), Luna (g), Briar (g), Brayden (b))

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  • I say go for it.  If you love it, you love it!  And like the other girls said, you don't need anyone else's approval.
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  • I say go for it. I didn't give DS1 the middle name we wanted because a friend of mine used it and I regret it.
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  • I agree with your husband.
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