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4 months postpartum nausea?

I'm 4 months pp and I'm all of sudden nauseous every day for the past week. The only difference is that I'm not producing much milk anymore. My son started refusing my breast about 2 weeks ago and now I only pump. Unfortunately my supply has gone way down. Could this nausea be a result from that, a major shift in hormones?

Re: 4 months postpartum nausea?

  • Are you sure you are not pregnant?  I never had a nausea problem in relation to supply.  I know there is a nasty stomach bug plaguing the NE
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  • I've had this same nausea the last few days... baby is 3 months. I even took a pregnancy test (-) because it felt just like 1st tri nausea.  Probably something hormonal?
  • Maybe your period is coming back?  I get nauseated sometimes when I'm PMSing, that would explain your supply drop.
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  • I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I got my period for the first time last month, around the 16th so maybe it's that. I was thinking a stomach bug because I also had a bit of diarrhea on Sunday morning and this morning but not in between, I just figured that a stomach bug wouldn't last this long. I'm waiting for my doctor to call me back.
  • I've been getting this too.  I bent down to put DS in his swing and almost threw up.  I've also been headachy and have insomnia. 

    I'm going to see my OB to make sure eveything is ok with my hormones!

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  • It must be a hormonal balance or something. I have stopping BFing within the last few weeks and I have experienced nausea and serious dizzy spells.  Thought I was maybe pregnant again and then I got my first post partum period.
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  • Wierd. Same thing is happening to me. I did just stop breastfeeding all together though, and I think that has something to do with it.
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  • funny same thing is happening to daughter is 4 months old and my supply has decreased all of a sudden too
  • First off, four months is too young for any baby to stop BFing and just "self wean". This is an age of serious growth spurts and teething (drooling) normally starts. IF you want to continue to BF, try moving to a dark, quiet room to nurse and get baby to focus on the task at hand. Some babies go through "nursing strikes" about this time. Push back and make them keep nursing so you don't lose supply (says the Mom of two kids). 

    Secondly, when the teething starts (normally around 4 months old), as the teeth start to descend, the gums get swollen and babies either want to nurse more or less when this happens. While nursing, the swelling of the gums is temporarily forgotten because the act of nursing can help numb the gums. Once nursing stops, the gums are no longer feeling numb and the pain comes back. For us, teething tablets have been a life saver (we found teething gels, like oragel, make the gums tougher and make teething worse). 

    Thirdly, I originally wanted to comment because what you're describing as postpartum nausea sounds very similar to what I'm currently living through. Only, I'm now one week away form being one year postpartum and my child is still nursing (on demand, but she eats lots of foods too). So I'm wondering if I should get ready to expect a return of AF or not myself. This kind of makes sense, only I did not experience this after my first baby and I was 16 months pp with my first before AF came back. But the fact my heartburn and nausea with it seem to be increasing in frequency could possibly be a sign of returning cycles. I guess I should at least be prepared in case that happens. Thank you for sharing your info for us!
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