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What would be an appropriate thank you?

I'll try to make this short!

A few weeks ago I talked with our HR department about my leave benefits and I wanted to make sure that I would still be covered if I planned to return to work or not.  After that conversation, it was determined that I would be entitled to all of my leave benefits, including FMLA and WA State FMLA to cover me until the end of March. 

We have been concerned about our medical insurance coverage since we found out that my DH needs surgery on both of his feet and had worked out a timeline for his surgeries to plan for this FMLA and WFMLA and figured we would be covered. I would still have to pay my employee portion of premium after FMLA kicks in since I would not be getting a paycheck and my employer would continue to pay their portion. 

I was getting nervous about his surgery which is tenatively scheduled for the begining of the year for his 2nd foot to be done.  Recovery time is 6-8 weeks for a normal recovery.  8 weeks was going to be pushing the deadline for coverage a little too close to my comfort level and I had asked our Executive Director for a Leave of Absence that would extend my employment in order for them to continue paying the employer portion of premiums and I would continue paying for mine.  I was excited when I heard one of the HR peeps say that it was likely going to happen. UNTIL... the paperwork was looked at closer and he said that he was restricted in that and he would not be able to, but wanted to do what he could to work it out that I would have insurance coverage through the duration of DH's recovery.

I had a meeting with the big boss man (Executive Director) and some HR peeps and they had come up with a plan to get me covered thru March as long as I came back to work for only 2 days after my maternity leave was up so I could qualify for insurance.  Wasn't what I had hoped, but I would do what was necessary to help our situation.

 This morning he comes into my work area and asks me to step into my manager's office and closes the door.  You know that feeling you get when you get sent to the principal's office?  yeah that's how I felt.

He sits down and tells me he has good news and bad news.  He tells me that the bad news is that HR and Payroll discovered that since I have worked part time I do not have enough hours to qualify for FMLA or even WFMLA so rather than my employment termination date being in March, it would be at the start of January after my STD is exhausted and then we would no longer be covered at all.  So no surgery for DH at all. BUMMER DUDE!! 

But then the good news is that he said he will extend my medical benefits anyways through MARCH!! Just out of the goodness of his heart and he is doing this on a one time special case basis just for me!  I am beyond thrilled! Not to mention I won't have to come back to work for 2 days after my leave is up to continue benefits!   We will still work out the details, but he assured me that we would be taken care of. 

I am so grateful and give all the glory to God since all things work together for good for those who love Him. And while I was confident that things would work out, I am just always amazed at how He does work thing out!!   

So, with all that information and long story, if you have made it this far, you are surely bored to tears, but I want to give the big boss man a token of my appreciation and wondered what an apprpriate thank you would be?  I was thinking a heartfelt thank you letter and a plate of cookies.   What do you think?


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