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Grade 3 Placenta at 32 Weeks

So today I had an ultrasound to check baby's organs, fluid level, size, and position. Well once I saw the doctor he told me I have a grade 3 placenta and that I will be doing NST's every week. I have been trying to research more about it and found out it's when your placenta is aging to rapidly. He also said I'm at higher risk of still birth. :(  I'm a nervous wreck now about my baby and hope she can make it. I'm trying not to get too stressed as that's not what will help the situation but i can't help being scared.

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Re: Grade 3 Placenta at 32 Weeks

  • I don't blame you for being nervous! Have they said anything about inducing you early? Obviously if the placenta isn't doing well the baby needs to come out sooner than later.
  • I'm sorry to hear that, but the NST will be reassuring for you. If there are any issues they will take action right away. I've been doing NST and AFI monitoring daily. It's a pain to go every day, but it's a good reassurance for you and the doctors. Don't stress too much and trust if your baby is in distress, they will get him or her out. The fact they are only monitoring once a week and not more should be reassuring to you already :)

    Edit: I just wanted to say after reading the other lady's comments that with an NST they WILL induce early if anything looks suspicious. I'd definitely discuss it with your doctor in advance so you aren't taken by surprise, but that is the purpose of the test. If anything looks awry, they tackle the problem head on. 

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  • I would ask about inducing early. I had a stillbirth at 40 weeks and 3 days due to low fluid , ageing placenta and my baby boy could of had some things wrong with him but I never got an autopsy done. Im now 31 weeks. I go to the high risk doctor at 32 weeks and they continue to check my placenta, baby and fluid levels etc. If all goes well, I will be getting induced at 39 weeks.
  • I've never heard of it, but would be vigilant about NST appts and asking dr what you can do to avoid any complications.  Babies can be safely born at 32 weeks and beyond so you should stay on top of things and ask if you have to be induced early how/when would they do it.  GL
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