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Yesterday I was changing my 6 month old daughters dirty diaper. While getting her all cleaned up with wipies, I noticed that her little girl parts were "stuck" together. The area looked a little red but she wasn't acting like she was uncomfortable. Not knowing what to do i gave her a quick soak in the tub thinking that it may help. It didn't... I feel like my husband and I both have been every good about keeping her clean and she gets regular baths. I know that this is something that has just happened b/c I would've noticed it before since she has regular diaper changes... I have been keeping petrolium jelly on her to keep the area moist, but do not know what caused this or what i should do. Is this normal? She she see her ped?

Re: Baby girl part...

  • Call your ped.  She will need estrogen cream to help it come unstuck.  My DD had fused labia at her 6mo appointment, we had to use the cream for I think 10 days to get it unsealed.  Now we do Aquaphor a couple of times a day to keep it from resealing.  Let me know if you have any questions.
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  • Thank you so much for responding! I'm calling her ped in the am. Your advice has made me feel so much better!
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