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Hi all!  I am 13 weeks along today (first baby) and I am wondering about the best diapers?  My sister-in-law swears by Huggies or Target brand, but I was on Amazon this morning and the "best selling" diapers were Pampers.  Also, my husband and I are wanting to start stocking up on diapers: so how long do babies/toddlers wear diapers AND how many of each size do we need to get?




Re: Best Diapers

  • I'm a Pampers mom up 'til about size 2.  They are the absolute softest and feel really good on newborn's skin.  Then I switch to Huggies because they seem to hold more.  
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  • We are Pampers fans. We tried the Costco brand (which is similiar to Huggies) and they just didn't work for us. How long toddlers are in diapers will depend on the child-some kids are potty trained at 2, others at 4.  We've started stocking up when they are on sale-so far we've bought 3 boxes of the size 1 diapers (8lb-14lb). I remember DS was in those for a while. I'd keep any reciepts in case you need to exchange them for a bigger size.  
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  • Pampers. Every time I try another brand, I regret it. We have had bad luck with Target brand.

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  • You might have to try a few different brands to see what works best for your baby. I love pampers but my newborn blew out of them almost every poop. Huggies held in the poop so much better because they have elastic across the top to keep it in. After my LO started eating solids I went back to pampers.
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  • Huggies have been my favorite. I never had them leak. I tried target brand but it would leak poop. Once DS was on real food and had solid poop, I switched to target brand again and haven't looked back.

    Every baby is different though. DS would get a bad diaper rash with pampers, but did fine with everything else.
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  • Another vote for pampers.  But as others have mentioned you have to try out some other brands and see what is best for you and your baby.
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  • We LOVE Pampers! Especially when they're still tiny and can wear the Pampers Swaddlers....they are so soft, and have this awesome yellow line that turns blue when they're wet! 

    It's hard telling how many of each size you'll need, because you don't know how big your baby will be. My daughter was in newborns for probably close to a month, but many babies skip newborns and go straight to size one. If you want to start collecting, I'd skip newborns for now, and get sizes one, two's and three's. It's up to you if you want to go up to a 4 daughter is 16 months old and still in a 3, but she's skinny. 


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  • Also, remember that what works for most babies may not work for yours. He/She could be sensitive to certain brands. Just something to think about before you start your collection--you may want to get a variety of brands until you figure out which one works best for your little one. 
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  • Another Pampers family here.  They are my go-to but my DD hasn't had any problems with Huggies either.  Generally I get what's on the best sale, we've been lucky and haven't had any diaper issues.  Every baby is different though.
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  • Everyone will have different luck with each brand of diapers. I know some people that love the Target Up & Up brand, but I hate them (gave DS killer diaper rash). I also know some people that love Huggies, but I am not a fan (DS leaked through them all the time). We are Pampers fans over here and will not buy anything else now that we've tried a couple other brands. We found what we like so that's what we're going to stick with.

    As for stocking up on diapers, it's hard to say exactly how they'll be in each size and how many of each you'll need. DS was a big baby and didn't wear newborn diapers at all, so we had to return a couple boxes of those we had received. The good news though, with unopened boxes, is that most stores will let you return/exchange for a different size if needed.

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  • I have always used Pampers since I have never had any problems with leaks or anything.  I get them from Amazon Mom and do the subscribe & save to get them cheaper (and delivered right to my door).
  • We only use Pampers. They never leak and I like how thin they are and the feel of them better than other brands. We tried the Costco brand, Huggies and Luvs but I don't like any of them. DD is 2 now and got up to a size 4 before we started potty training. DS is 8 months and in size 4s now because he is a tank. I always ended up with extra newborn and size 1s because our babies were big and grew fast.
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  • Love Pampers :) We used them with DS !
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  • We used Pampers and never had an issue, we loved them.  We CD now and love it even more!!
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  • I swore we were going to use Papers because my dad worked for P&G for 26 years. From day one DD had a horrible reaction to them and would get all red and raw, she has incredibly sensitive skin. I had received all different brands from my baby shower, so we switched to Huggies next. They worked great for us for about 3-4 months and we loved them, then all the sudden she was leaking out of them even though I knew she was in the right size. So we switched again to Luvs and that's where we've stayed.

    My advice is you never know what is going to work for your LO, so wait and see. You're going to get LOTS of diapers at your baby shower and you're going to get lots of coupons in the mail so just wait and see. I know you want to stock up and be prepared but you never know what's going to work best until LO is here.

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  • Everyone I talk to swears by the Target brand. And NOT to stock up on the small sizes, but rather the larger ones.
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  • Cloth diapers! :)

    When we used sposies I liked Pampers when she was a newborn.  Huggies seemed to run smaller than pampers and she always had blow outs with the Huggies.

    Now we use sposies overnight only and we just buy the Up & Up (Target) brand. 

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  • My husband and I bought our first pack of Huggies the other day. They are recommended to me by a STM. She said they are great for holding in poop and are worth the extra money. We will probably buy size 1 up to 14 lb for a while bc baby goes thru a lot of diapers in the beginning.

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  • My youngest slept from 6pm til 6am from 4m on, I tried every disposal diaper out there that would hold everything until morning and the only brand I had success with was Luvs. They never leaked, so I stuck with those. I can't remember how fast she grew into each size though?
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  • It really all depends on the way your baby is built becuase some brands will work better than others. I honestly didn't have any major issues with any brand but I LOVE Target brand, they never ever leak and don't have a wierd chemical smell like Pamers. Plus they're a ton cheaper and often have coupons!
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  • Forgot about the stocking up part.

    Honestly I wouldn't buy too many because you don't know what will work for your LO.

    She was in newborn size for about a month (8lbs 6oz at birth) and then was in 1's for a couple months, 2's for several months, and has been in 3's since about 10 months maybe?  Every baby will grow at different rates though and their bodies will be shaped differently. 

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  • Pampers Swaddlers are the absolute best.  I loved those.  As they get older, you just have to find what works best for you.  We stuck with Pampers because she leaked out of Huggies and Target diapers.  At this point, she still does best in Pampers or the Sams generic brand but I'm hoping to PT soon.
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  • We've been with Pampers from day one.  I've tried Target & Luvs (were bought for us as gifts), and both failed miserably with blow outs and/or rashes.  Also, it's very hard to determine how long your LO will be in each size since babies grow at different paces. 

    Someone on a different post suggested putting the money into a savings account vs. spending the money stocking up beforehand.  I honestly think this is a genius idea & wish I would have thought of it last time.  (For the record, I never stocked up - I love my weekly target trips!). 

    As PP have said, it's really going to depend on your LO & how they do in each diaper.  There isn't a wrong brand, you just have to find what's going to work for you.


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  • Diapers work differently for different butts.  My daughter got a huge rash from nb pampers, so we switched to huggies.  Those worked great until size 3, then it was constant blowout city, so we tried pampers again.  We kept having blowouts, so we switched to cloth.

    I would recommend getting a few different brands and seeing what works best for your LO.

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  • I used Huggies Newborn because of the belly button cut out.  Loved them for that reason.  That being said. I have a VERY STRONG sense of smell and noticed I could smell pee in her diaper (or the diaper smelled weird when she peed) . Also, I noticed with the Huggies Newborn that there would be little clear pellets in the diaper. I think it's the absorbant material, but I wasn't happy that they were sometimes free in her diaper. So I switched to Pampers Sensitive and never looked back. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.

    Recently, I started using Huggies Overnights.  I like that they hold a lot, but they still smell funky to me.  Since she's not always in my arms anymore and only wears them at night, I'll stick with it, for now.


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  • We use cloth and love Charlie Bananas and Bum Genius. Disposables we've always like Luvs, as they just seem to absorb and fit our sons tall and thin stature well.
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  • This is my first so I have no experience, but I do know that my sister in law had to try several brands before she found one that worked best with my niece. I know that's not helpful for wanting to plan ahead, but I think it would be frustrating to get 100's of one kind and then not like them.

    Maybe a mix of brands? Second time moms +, please correct my ignorance...

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  • We used Huggies from the time my DD was born until she was 1.5 and then we switched to Target brand and haven't had any problems.  She did have some reaction to the Pampers brands that we received from out shower though.  If you want to start stocking up but aren't sure what to get or what you'll need I would recommend just buying a gift card instead, that way its not an expense all at once when the baby gets here but you'll have a better understanding of what you need/like.  Sorry if this has already been recommended I didn't read all the posts.
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  • We use cloth.  For newborns, I like Pampers Swaddlers but all the other Pampers diapers gave my son chemical burns (their Dry Max stuff sucks).  Huggies always leaked.  I like Luvs when I do use disposables.

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  • I started out with Huggies, I liked their newborn size because it has a cut off portion for the belly button. Then I switched to Pampers because the Huggies were leaking. And now we are back to Huggies but the Little Movers type.
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