Pregnant after 35

PG>35 Weekly Check-In (OMG It's Monday Again Edition)

Hi, everyone! I LOVED everyone's silly factoids from last week! Clearly if I need to imitate certain animals or accents, all I need to do is ask you lovely ladies! Stick out tongue My goofy factoid is that I apparently spent more time upside down than right side up as a kid--I would watch TV with my head hanging upside down over the edge of the couch a lot, and I was unbeatable in local headstanding competitions--I could do 15 minutes easy. Unfortunately, this ability did not stick with me, and when I decided to show off in college, I was able to headstand for a few minutes, but I broke a whole bunch of capillaries in my face in the process. And that was the last time I ever did that. I think I got everyone's updates, but be sure to let me know about any more. OK, buckle up, 'cause herrrrre we go!

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Hi Ladies!

Welcome to the Pregnant after 35 Weekly Check-In!

If you would like to be added to the check-in, just reply to this post with (and answer the questions!):


your screen name

first name (optional)

due date

sex of baby (if known, or will it be a surprise?)

**If you?re already on the list, you don?t need to give this info again**


Please let me know if you have any updates and/or edits that need to be made. Also, if I missed any births please let me know so we can celebrate with you!

Congratulations to the November Moms! (We don?t seem to have any yet, but I am waiting with bated breath!)


Pregnant Moms by Due Date:

November 2012

Lili_h (Lili) 11/1/2012

Jjmrotek (Jodie) 11/1/2012 - Boy

Bdunbar (Beth) 11/2/2012

Ukmisgirl (Joanne) 11/2/2012 - Boy

IzzieBee (Jennifer) 11/3/2012

Shoehussy (Heather) 11/4/2012- Boy

GloriasGirl (Shannon) 11/5/2012

TJPam (Pam) 11/6/2012

Animeg2+1 (Meg) 11/8/2012 - Boy

D2cruce (Donna) 11/11/2012

Tahrna (Stacey) 11/12/2012

Qtssima (Nina) 11/12/2012

CaroylnTheRed (Carolyn) 11/13/2012

ExcitedMum2B (Suzie) 11/15/2012 ? Girl

Pixie123 (Michelle) 11/17/2012 - Boy

Msktin (Katara) 11/18/2012

SmileyGirl18 (Lori) 11/18/2012

Samsooni (Jen) 11/22/2012

Kristin7701 (Kristin) 11/23/2012

GHBEA (Holly) 11/24/2012

JoyHerbie2011 (Joy) 11/24/2012

Nita14701 (Nita) 11/27/2012

StaceySMC13 (Stacey) 11/28/2012

Cmr5776 (Christina) 11/30/2012

December 2012

Pillowass 12/2/2012 Boy/Girl TWINS!

Dodo1202 (Teresa) 12/2/2012 - Boy

Kelkiss (Kelly) 12/4/2012

Cleo570 12/7/2012 Girl!

Kitsunefox (Deborah) 12/8/2012

Caajje6 (Wendy) 12/10/2012- team green

Dukemeli (Melissa) 12/10/2012

MonkeyMommie (Monica) 12/11/2012

Starlee_99 (Michele) 12/11/2012 - Girl

KalaDec8 (Kala) 12/12/2012

Angela2004 (Angela) 12/12/2012

Fishy24 12/12/2012

Mbw410 12/13/2012

Mlangs (Michelle) 12/13/2012

NicoleWI (Nicole) 12/15/2012. Team green

Mslswes (Maria) 12/19/2012

TracyfromNH (Tracy) 12/21/2012

Mama2many (Janelle) 12/25/2012

Bloomraiser (Melody) 12/25/2012

TTsmama (Molly) 12/25/2012 - Girl

Melly918 12/26/2012

rockabelly 12/26/2012

Dawnson (Dawn) 12/27/2012

January 2013

MelleTX (Michelle) 1/3/2013- Twins!!

Kirac 1/7/2013

jbeth1971 (Jennifer) 1/10/2013 ? Boy!

REB562 (Rosa) 1/11/2013

3rdat40 1/12/2013

Simplein06 (Michelle) 1/12/2013

Spikeinc (Suzanne) 1/12/2013 ? Girl!

Chance_encounters 1/13/2013

Superkarynfragilistic (Karyn) 1/16/2013

RachelG (Rachel) 1/17/2013

Cindiesheart (Cindie) 1/28/2013

JennyP1 1/22/2013

ReeceFamily (Sara) 1/23/2013

angelegee (Gloria) 1/28/2013

February 2013

Kat1221 (Kat) 2/4/2013 ? Girl!

Brooklinld 2/5/2013

eane7311 (Janine) 2/6,/2013

buggirl72 (Dana) 2/7/2013

Winofairy (Sherry) 2/9/2013

Solarflare 2/20/2013 ? Twins! (Boy/Girl)

Punter (Lani) 2/20/2013

Pginsa (Charlotte) 2/22/2013

March 2013

Beforesunrise (Ashley) 3/1/2013 ? Boy!

rosesarepink (Rose) 3/4/2013 (Tracy) 3/7/2013

CountryGirlInTheCity 3/8/2013 ? Girl!

Elocin (Nicole) 3/8/2013

OrangeandGreen (Katherine) 3/9/2013

NNBride05 3/12/2013

Gundy21 (Kristen) 3/13/2013 ? Boy!

KatieKnitsny (Katie) 3/14/2013

KKGgirlATL 3/18/13 (scheduled c/s) Team Green

Cktravel 3/19/2013 ? Green

Wildflower75 (Martha) 3/20/2013 ? Green

Dbadura01 (Deanna) 3/26/2013

Haribo 3/26/2013

Coquina (Melissa) 3/30/2013

Indyrowergirl 3/31/2013

April 2013

Angelnumber8 (Angela) 4/04/2013

Lovelyday39 4/05/2013 - Boy!

Elizabethnseanny (Elizabeth) 4/05/2013

Mishmax11 (Michelle) 4/7/2013

Danuli8 (Amanda) 4/7/2013 ? Boy!

Carol*Brady (Christine) 4/8/2013

Tcfreedom (Tiffany) 4/15/2013

Lilblt19 4/15/2013 ? Girl!

Hisbabygirl76 (Stephanie) 4/16/2013

Shellbear+ (Michelle) 4/23/12

Palamar (Chantel) 4/24/2013

Sheloveslan (Mariah) 4/27/2013

Dresch25 (Vicki) 4/29/2013 ? Team Green.

Technigirl (Melissa) 4/29/2013

Michele707 (Michele) 4/30/2013

May 2013

Dhreczuck 5/2/2013

Jennyandjasonsbaby (Jenny) 5/5/2013

Trevinosnm (Martha) 5/7/2013

TXBride (Ami) 5/12/2013

Mndyhywrd (Mindy) 5/15/2013

mlwinkle (Michelle) 5/17/2013

McRib 5/18/2013

Petrastonegirl (Petra) 5/19/2013

MrsNukem 5/20/2013

jteneback 5/21/2013 ? Team Green

Rebaann (Rebecca) 5/23/2013

Alicialgb (Alicia) 5/28/2013

Danafromslope 5/30/2013 ? TWINS!!


June 2013

Danieleandwayne (Dani?le) 6/4/2013

1Lump (Andrea) 6/5/2013 ? Team Green

JilliansMoma 6/6/2013 ? Team Green

Junebug060609 6/12/2013

Ocho2002 6/13/2013 ? TWINS!!

VisciousKnitter (Sandy) 6/15/2013

Trootie2012 (Trootie) 6/16/2013

AZAmy77 (Amy) 6/17/2013


July 2013

Amypep (Amy) 7/5/2013


QOTW: If you could travel to any place in the world (guaranteed safe trip, of course, you won?t go into labor or get sick from the water or anything!) to relax by yourself or with your SO before the baby comes, where would you go and why?


Share your updates and vents:



Over-40 parents...what we lack in vigor, we make up for with cunning.

Re: PG>35 Weekly Check-In (OMG It's Monday Again Edition)

  • Add me to the list! :)

    ASL71476 (Andrea)

    Due date: 7/17/2013

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  • We found out on Friday that we're team blue! 

    QOTW: I'd go back to Hawaii with DH. We went there for our honeymoon and it was great. Such a nice, relaxing break after all of the stress of the wedding. I'd love to go back before DS2 arrives, but it will likely be another few years before we make it there.  

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  • QOTW: If you could travel to any place in the world (guaranteed safe trip, of course, you won?t go into labor or get sick from the water or anything!) to relax by yourself or with your SO before the baby comes, where would you go and why?

    That's hard!!  Maybe Costa Rica....I would love to have a secluded bungalow in the jungle close to a river or something...or on the beach with the white sand.


    Share your updates and vents:

    Starting 3rd tri and can't believe it!!  I have another glucose test on Thursday even though I passed my first 2 hour one.  BOOOOO!


    Me: 38, DH: 36, MC 9/07 at 12 weeks DS: 7/25/08 TTC#2 since 11/11 BFP 5/28/12!! DD 1/31/13

  • We're having a baby girl (Emmeline) :)  

     QOTW:  I'd go to St Lucia and enjoy the sun, water, and the cooling winds.  If I get too hot, I could hide in the rainforest for a while and cool down.   

    John & Katherine, sittin' in a tree, . . . . Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
  • Hi, 

    Please add me to the list :)


    EDD:  7/3/13


    QOTW:  We've been so blessed to be able to travel.  If I could pick one place to go it would have to be one of my favorite places in the world: Ischia, Italy.  We've been there several times because it is the most beautiful and relaxing island known for its healing thermal sea waters and thermal spas. We were just there in May and thinking about it now brings back beautiful memories :)

    Me, 41; DH 38; TTC since July 2012, 1st round of Clomid, BFP on 10/19, what an incredible blessing!  M/c on 7w3d; D&C on 11/30; 4th round of Clomid 100mg = BFP on 04/19!!! M/c #2 at 7w; D&C on 5/30, then repeat D&C on 7/1.  Saline u/s on 8/2, uterus looks great!  Will start TTC in 09/13 w/ Clomid 100mg. Surprise natural BFP on 8/25!!! Beta #1=95, #2=182, #3=404!  EDD 5/4/13...Grow baby grow!

  • QOTW: New Zealand/Australia. Beach, sea, rugby, hiking, horseback riding... Paradise! The hubster has never been, so I'd love to show him around (I've only been to Australia, not New Zealand.) Second runner-up would be Slovenia-- maybe the Lake Bled area...

    "You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was." 
            -- Abraham Lincoln

                               Me:39  MH:39 
    DD born 6/1/2013 after 15 months of TTC with one loss.    
    TTC #2: BFP 4/22 but stalled growth and no HB at 9w3d on 5/30        

    <a href="" style="font-size:smaller;" >
    <br /> My Ovulation Chart</a>

  • I've never been, but those bungalows-on-stilts in Fiji look amazing!!
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  • QOTW: probably Hawaii again we went to Maui a couple of years ago and had a fantastic time.

    Updates: I am 12 weeks! I go in Wed to my MFM for my CVS, super nervous about it!

    Me:40 AMA, DH:36 0% morph, TTC#1;
    BFP#1 4/2011, MMC 6/2011 11wks Trisomy 13;
    BFP#2 11/2011, CP
    FSH: 17.9, AMH: 2.2
    IVF#1 w/ICSI: ER 4/3: 5R,4M,4F
    ET 4/6 All 4 (1-8A+, 2-8A-, 1-3A) BFP#3
    Two weeks of beta hell = Blighted Ovum
    IVF#2 Aug/Sept: ER 8/27: 4R,3M,3F
    ET 8/30 (1-8A+, 1-6A+)
    Beta#1 9/10: 350; Beta#2 9/12: 796; Beta#3 9/20: 9155
    Expecting Boy/Girl Twins! My babies were born 4/23/13 at 36w1d!


  • QOTW: If you could travel to any place in the world (guaranteed safe trip, of course, you won?t go into labor or get sick from the water or anything!) to relax by yourself or with your SO before the baby comes, where would you go and why?

    Somewhere warm with a beach.  It doesn't even matter where.


    Share your updates and vents:

    Nothing to report this week.
    My Life in D.C.
    The Daily Nugget

    photo beachwave_zps17d3b89a.jpg
    Cycle 12, IUI #1 - 33m post wash 10/15/10 = BFN
    Cycle 13, IUI #2 - 15m post wash 11/16/10 = BFP, missed m/c, D&C 1/3/11
    Cycle 15 - 18, IUI #3-6 = BFN
    Cycle 20, IUI #7 = BFP!, missed m/c 9/14, D&C
    DE-IVF Aug. 2012: ER 8/30 11R, 7M, 4F; ET 9/4 returned 2
    Beta 9/18 #1-820, #2-1699, #3-7124
    10/1 1st u/s measuring right on track, 125 bpm

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  • Update: Had our NT scan on Friday and baby looked great, bouncing and jumping, stretching and rolling. It was a wonderful experience with a fantastic sonographer.

    QOTW: I would repeat our honeymoon. DH and I had spend a couple of weeks enjoying the hot springs around the lake country of BC, and touring Canadian and US National Parks in BC, Montana, and Wyoming. I could really go for some day-long soaks in the hot springs again. Have dinner, and go sit under the stars in the water again.

    AMA over 40
    Massive uterine fibroids removed 3/06
    BFP 1/11; MM/C discovered @ 10w, loss at 6w; Cytotec
    B/W 7/11 = normal CD3, FSH 8.9; 7DPO progesterone 1.7
    Three Clomid cycles, all BFN, Off to an RE for me...
    FSH=8.7 E2=30 AMH=1.8 HSG clear, SA=great
    Inj. IUI #1 12/9/11 BFN, Inj. IUI #2 1/6/12 BFN
    Inj. IUI #3 1/30/12 BFP!, HCG doubled through 6w, 7w u/s mm/c twins
    Factor V Leiden, Hetero, symptomatic
    Op Hysteroscopy 5/12, removed scar tissue and uterine septum
    Doing Cryo-DE IVF 
    Beautiful hatching 5-blast transfered 8/30
    BFP 9/7/12 EDD May 19, 2013
    A/S on 12/21/12, Petra's having a baby, it's the end of the world!
    Pebbles arrived safe and sound 4/13. Placenta accreta found.
    Op hysteroscopy 2/7, reopen ute/remove adhesions from accreta
    Found severe Ashermans. Fuuuuuuu... Repeat Op Hyst in March.
    Op Hyst ver 3.0 looks good so far, find out if it worked in June.
    Finally got the damn IUD out. Waiting to stop bleeding.
    SIS shows rippled funky shaped ute, but given clearance to begin sFET calendar.
    Here goes everything...
    sFET#2 BFP, ended in m/c.
    Waiting for the next Op Hysteroscopy to find out what next.
    Scratch that, retained tissue. 3rd Cytotec round.
    Another damn Op Hyst. Found and removed retained tissue.
    Pathology returned fine, no molar. Cleared for final attempt after next cycle.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    "Petra, you are an obese 40+ year old. Stop jumping through these hoops. Just adopt already. There is no shame in that." -Deethebee
  • Update: We are team pink! :) 

    QOTW: We are currently on vacation in Shanghai for two weeks and loving it! Food is amazing here... If we had to pick another place, I would say any where tropical with an ocean view and 5 star service. :)

    Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Lilypie - (YMDN)

  • QOTW: If you could travel to any place in the world (guaranteed safe trip, of course, you won?t go into labor or get sick from the water or anything!) to relax by yourself or with your SO before the baby comes, where would you go and why?

    Paris- I was supposed to go for this bday, but ta da! I am pregnant! And not comfortable travelling internationally while in this state. So it's slated for DH and I in the next 5 years.

    Share your updates and vents:

    We had our A/S at 17w5d and everything was measuring right on track, no abnormalities cited and we discovered we are having a BOY!

    So, of course I promptly went and ordered the whole nursery. :) We have another scan the Thursday after Tgiving, just to give the heart another once over (although it had 4 chambers and looked good, it was just really small and the PN wants to double check).

    They tried to "encourage" me to take more tests to confirm that there are no abnormalities- at this point I'm over any testing and I kindly refused.

  • QOTW: That is a really hard question.  Right now I am so tired that I kind of want to say in my house with no one to bother me for a week.

    Updates and vents: My BP is still giving me trouble and it is very annoying to me.  Things are starting to feel very real.  I had to sit down with my boss yesterday and talk about what we were going to do about my maternity leave.  I have to have a plan written in the next month of how my work will get done while I am gone.  I don't know how time went so fast.  It seems like I was just complaining that time was standing still.

    BFP on IVF #2 6/29/2012. Beta #1 7/3 = 522; Beta #2 = 1180; Beta #3 = 6491 image BabyFruit Ticker
  •  Add me too.




    definitely finding out!

  • Oh wow! July due dates!  (And when I first started on here, November seemed so far away...) Congrats to the new additions to the board.. and everyone else, of course.

    Danuli, I think my DD is going to develop the same skill. She already likes to hang upside down from the couch.. or her daddy. ("Lift me by by ankles!" -- silly girl. Smile )

    I'd like to head to one of the Disney theme parks. Originally, we were going to go to Disneyland in July, but this was canceled due to *trumpet blares* Pregnancy, yes. And having to save up vacation time and money. So hopefully in the next few years we can take both kids to enjoy.

    Two days until due date, and waiting to see if LO comes tomorrow (to fulfill that though I'd had for weeks that he'd come early) or if he takes after big sister and is at least a few days late. If not tomorrow, I'll find out Thursday if the doctors will "threaten" with an induction on the following Monday (as apparently they only do this on Mondays) or see if he comes before the following Monday.
    My family is planning on coming down tomorrow (my mom will be staying for the long haul to help after first being here to stay with DD for the delivery.) They'd been thrown off by the storm effects, but call every day to ask "Is he coming yet?" (I'll see if my sister decides she has to help enforce birth if LO doesn't come before she has to head home on Saturday...)
    Whee... Sorry, babbling. Oh and I'm on half days at work until Thursday then my boss said to not come back until after my recovery. (Except to visit with the baby.)

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  • Add me in please :)

    your screen name : lanesmommy

    first name (optional): Carolyn

    due date : 2/24/2013

    sex of baby (if known, or will it be a surprise?)it's a girl!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • QOTD:  I would definitely like to go back to Hawaii.  It was just so beautiful and relaxing.  Someplace I haven't been but would love to go is St. Lucia.  I would love a warm beach and some fruity virgin cocktails :) 

    Updates:  Nothing much going on.  I don't have another appt. until after Thanksgiving.  I have seen alot of my extended family in the last week and its nice to see how excited they all are for us. 

    TTC since Dec. 2010. Me: 37, DH: 38...unexplained RPL
    BFP #1 - missed m/c 4.18.11 found @8w3d, d&c @13w 
    BFP #2 blighted ovum found 8.2011 @8w, misoprostol
    BFP#3 - missed m/c 6.11.12 @ 9w3d, d&c revealed extra chromosome 15
    BFP#4 8.10.12, DD born 4/26/13
  • image PetraStonegirl:

    Update: Had our NT scan on Friday and baby looked great, bouncing and jumping, stretching and rolling. It was a wonderful experience with a fantastic sonographer.

    Yay so happy your nt scan went well!

    TTC since Dec. 2010. Me: 37, DH: 38...unexplained RPL
    BFP #1 - missed m/c 4.18.11 found @8w3d, d&c @13w 
    BFP #2 blighted ovum found 8.2011 @8w, misoprostol
    BFP#3 - missed m/c 6.11.12 @ 9w3d, d&c revealed extra chromosome 15
    BFP#4 8.10.12, DD born 4/26/13
  • Superzuber

    First name: Sarah

    EDD: July 9, 2013

    QOTW: Bocas del Toro, Panama. Beautiful virgin beaches in a quiet corner of the world. We've actually been talking about taking our last hurrah trip before baby in February! But we're thinking more along the lines of something more adventurous than relaxing.

    Me: 37, DH: 34
    Expecting LO #2!

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  • First Name: Karen

    EDD: July 3/13

    QOTW:  Somewhere tropical where I could lay on a beach, not too particular, but would love one of those secluded places on stilts out in the water too.....

    Karen - 36      DH - 39

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  • I would like to be added.


    your screen name: drhibbard

    first name (optional):  MC

    due date:  5/19/13

    sex of baby (if known, or will it be a surprise?):  Don't know yet and undecided if we are going to find out


    Every time we go away, we talk to people and always ask what their favorite vacation spot was/is.  We honeymooned in Aruba because so many people  had said it was their favorite on previous vacations.  While in Aruba,  a bunch of people said how they loved Aruba but that if we ever had the chance, to go the Cayman Islands.  So I would love to go there and relax on the beautiful beaches.  Sleep in a lounge chair. Sigh.


    I'd put a Movember mustache fail, but then
    you'd all have to look at it until February.
  • image danuli8:

    QOTW: If you could travel to any place in the world (guaranteed safe trip, of course, you won?t go into labor or get sick from the water or anything!) to relax by yourself or with your SO before the baby comes, where would you go and why?

    Probably Machu Picchu.  We were suppose to go this December but I don't think climbing mountains at high altitude would be the best thing right now :)


    Share your updates and vents:

    I had my regular OB checkup last week and everything looks good so far.  Got to see little baby girl lying on her side with arm tucked under her head (just like how her mama sleeps!) Anxiously looking forward to our A/S appt next week!




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  • QOTW: hmm there are SO many places that I want to go to but I'd have to say Portugal because it's been on my list for a while..the food looks like it's to die for!!


    Share your updates and vents: not much, feeling alot of pressure almost like theres not more room for me to grow down there.. i guess that's normal. Cervix check next Monday, excited to see LO again!

    nate and teddy
    Me 41 DH 46  Not actively ttc, surprise BFP on 1/6/11! 4/1/11 m/c our sunshine at 16wks after complications from CVS test. TTC #2 **5th cycle 12/6/11 BFP! Missed m/c at 9 weeks 1/21/12, trisomy 14. Two Chemical PG 3/12&7/12
    ** BFP 8/16/12 beta #1 148! beta#2 407 beta #3 4000 u/s 9.10 1 lovely hb 126, Baby Boy is due 04/28/13!!
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  • your screen name MangomamaFL

    first name (optional) Martha

    due date: Jan 5, 2013

    sex of baby: Boy

    I just turned 35.

    If I could travel anywhere: It would be to New England (MA, NH, ME, VT, CT, RI). I grew up in MA. It has been ten years since I been to New England.

    BabyFetus Ticker

    Birth is safe as life gets - Harriette Hartigan

  • QOTW: If you could travel to any place in the world (guaranteed safe trip, of course, you won?t go into labor or get sick from the water or anything!) to relax by yourself or with your SO before the baby comes, where would you go and why?

     This is a tough one. I would say Italy since i have tried to go at least 4 times now and various things have come up the last one being this little one. Maui is one of my favorite places though and always love going there. Don't do much just relax but it is so beautiful 

    Share your updates and vents:

    Biophysical profiles continue to go well. I did have a very small amount of protein in my urine. I am hoping it was just a one off and not the sign of possible complications. Baby is breech and has been for sometime. We are not going to try an inversion. not comfortable with the risks and % of it not working. We now have a c-section scheduled for Dec 3 



  • QOTW: If you could travel to any place in the world.....

    I Would Love a trip to the Islands , Aruba!!!  We've been wanting to go there for a few years now!

     Share your updates and vents: 1ST U/S Tomorrow, Nervous and Praying everything is well.

    me: 39 DH 40 Trying to Conceive #1 Since Nov. 2010, BFP # 1 1/14/12 EDD 9/20/12 -M/C between 7-8 weeks - :( BFP # 2 10/9/12 EDD 6/16/12 - No Embryo Found 8 weeks 4 day U/S :( Waiting to Miscarry - 9 weeks today Will Try for one more BFP in 2013
  • QOTW: I'd go to Canyon Ranch Spa, solo. Massages and pampering all day with someone else cooking me health yummy meals. And yes, no DH to take care of, just me.

    Updates/vents: a quiet week! Worries me that LO was quieter too, but the other boards say this is normal/ok. We started to make progress on the nursery, which was fun:)

  • I missed last week, and am late this week - we took the kids to Disneyland - yes, at 33 wks. It was nice, but not quite the fun-filled adventure I was hoping for (that I've had at other times). I was T-I-R-E-D.

    No real update. GD still seems well controlled. Today is my MW appt - so we will see what is what when I get there. As of last appt, I had still only gained 3lbs, so they are thrilled about that. I've started taking Red Raspberry leaf & will start primrose oil next week to start prepping my body for labor. I used it with the last two and really felt like it helped.

    I'd love to go ANYWHERE with DH that included the kids, dogs & chickens being left home, in good hands so I didn't have to give them another thought - and then he and I could just putter around and explore/be tourists somewhere. 


    8 month cutie

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  • Apparently I haven't updated things on this check in yet.  Oops.

    I had my 8w appt with my OB on Nov 2nd.  Got a referral to a peri (AMA & hx of pre-e) and a geneticist (AMA & 1:10 T21 odds with my sons pregnancy).  Had to wait until 11/9 to make appt with them due to insurance.  Still waiting on a call back from the peri, but I have an NT scan on November 28 (exactly 12w) with the geneticist.  I'm terrified of that appt.  I'll get the results from the blood test/ultrasound there...and that is where I got the news of the 1:10 odds last pregnancy.  Even worse, I'll be at the NT alone since my DH will be with DS (timing and location of the appt aren't conducive to them both coming with me). 

    Getting those referrals and making the calls made it really real that I'm considered high risk this time around Tongue Tied

    BFP#2 2.5.11 (EDD 10.15.11) DS born 9.28.11

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  • Unfortunately, baby stopped moving Saturday night and doc confirmed this morning that there is no heartbeat :(  I hope to be joining you guys again soon.
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