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STM: co-pays?

I will ask insurance later as I know it's probably different for everyone but in your experience did you have to pay your co-pay (if you have one) for EVERY appointment? That could add up fast!

Re: STM: co-pays?

  • I have Kaiser and I dont have to!

  • Yep!

    It does! 

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  • With DS I had to pay a copay every time. I had an HMO. It really added up at then end when I was going every other day. Check with your insurance because sometimes you pay 1 copay for all prenatal care and sometimes you have to pay at each appointment. It just depends.

    This time around I have a PPO w/ coinsurance. So my Dr has all ready figured out what I will owe them and given me a discount rate as long as it is paid before the baby is born.

    FYI - If you have a PPO talk to your Drs billing office about this. My bill would have been $4500 but they have discounted it to $2500. I'll still have my hospital coinsurance to deal with after the baby is born but taking 2k off the top is going to help a lot.


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  • I have Aetna and i pay one copay at the first apt. Thats it:
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  • I have Blue Cross and had one co pay at first visit and that covers all my prenatal and post natal visist. Different with every insurance so you should call yours or ask your doctor.


  • Call to be sure but *most* insurances bill globably which means at the end of all prenatle care they will bill one lumped sum and you owe only one copay your very first appointment.
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  • One-time co-pay but I have PPO.
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  • No, my office charges for the first OB visit and then bills your an obstetric package after you give birth.
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  • I have Harvard Pilgrim (MA) and I had a copay for every RE (reproductive endocrinologist) appointment. Since being released to my OB, I haven't had a copay so far (only one appointment with my OB's NP). 
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  • Thanks for the reply everyone! I will for sure have to look into it! Co-pays are fun! Ha, 
  • I'm not sure how my insurance works yet.  I actually have an appointment with the nurse next month, and they said to bring a $300 deposit.  I'm a NC State employee, and my insurance is TERRIBLE!  I looked on the website - expected out of pocket cost for vaginal delivery $1980-$3379.  C-Section $651-$4726.  And a $35 copay per dr visit.  I'm sure there will be other costs as well.

    DH just got a new job and I'll be covered under his insurance.  We are hoping his insurance is much better than mine, and being double-insured will eliminate a lot of copays.  I don't know how it's going to work though.

  • No, but most offices do what's called Global Billing so they'll break your total payment down by # of visits and you'll make a payment each time.
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    No, but most offices do what's called Global Billing so they'll break your total payment down by of visits and you'll make a payment each time.

    This is how my office works. I get my global bill upfront. So, for example, mine is set up for 4 monthly payments of 333.46. This will cover all of my Ob appointments if all goes accordingly. Hospital bill is a different story, of course.
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  • I have United Healthcare and only pay a co-pay at my first appt.
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  • I have aetna and we pay one co-pay the 1st vist and then everything will go under global maternity care and the office will bill you after you have the baby...kind of stinks one big bill at the end, I would just like to pay the co-pays everytime. Also we do have to pay for every u/s and lab work at 10%
  • BCBS, and not for my prenatal care, it's a package deal.
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  • I had an HMO with my first pregnancy.  It was one co-pay that coverage all pre-natal & post-natal visits until I was high-risk & need twice weekly monitoring appointments.  Those were considered "specialist" visits and I was charged a co-pay.  Total OOP for my last pregnancy was $240 worth of copays.


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  • I've always found it odd that I don't have any co-pays with pregnancy-related appointments. I guess it must be to encourage prenatal care.

    ETA: I have a HMO, and with my last pregnancy I didn't pay for anything, not even birth! It makes up for the crappy care I get the rest of the time.

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  • image brittnicole2011:
    I have Aetna and i pay one copay at the first apt. Thats it:


    Same thing for me with United Healthcare. I only pay extra copays for emergency/non routine doctor visits.

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