1st Trimester

I can't believe I'm joining you! BFP!

Got my BFP last night with a FRER test! We'd only been officially trying for 2 months. I'm sure that without the help of charting (FertilityFriend) I probably wouldn't be where I am now. DH and I have been married just over 2 years and it's our first pregnancy. It still feels very surreal, I have to keep going back and looking at the test to make sure I didn't imagine the line!

DH is happy and excited too. This morning we were snuggling in bed before we had to get up for the day and he said "I'm going to be a dad...I feel like I have a whole new purpose in life..."

Anyway, I'm so excited to join you ladies and look forward to learning from you as well as contributing to the board!


Re: I can't believe I'm joining you! BFP!

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