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Flying with an 2.5 year old

Hi ladies,

I am a stay at home mom to my wonderful DS. We are going on a disney cruise in January. We have to fly to Florida first. Do you ladies have any suggestions as to what I should or shouldn't pack/bring. This is his first time flying and be mine as well. and do you have any suggestions to make flying with a 2.5 yr old easier? Thank you!

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Re: Flying with an 2.5 year old

  • We just flew to Hawaii about a month ago with a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old.  I was really worried about keeping DD1 entertained, but we just let her watch videos most of the flight.  We normally don't let her watch much TV so it was very exciting for her.  She was basically glued to the screen the entire time, which made the flight very pleasant.  If you go that route, I recommend getting some toddler-friendly headphones.  We got these and DD loves them:
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  • A new toy to keep them busy.  A couple books, snacks,  a dvd player really helped up.  Don't pack too much b/c it's heavy to carry.  Good luck!
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  • We made DS a small Elmo bag of wrapped toys that we gave to him whenever he started getting ansy- small trucks and cars, board books, etch a sketch, etc.  We also made sure we had plenty of snacks and drinks and then gave him free reign of the iPad once we were in the air (loaded with Sesame episodes, Peek a boo apps, Elmo apps, Reading Rainbow, etc.).
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  • Some sort of iPad, etc with games/movies like pp has said.

    I also bring a new coloring book, new crayons, a new book. For our up coming trip, I have put together a few busy bags (if you google for busy bags or look on pinterest, you'll find a ton) that she can do on her lap (incase she can't reach the tray table).  Stickers and paper. 

    Also, some snacks that are new/different are a hit as well.

     Have fun.

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