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are you going to find out the SEX of the baby?

I'm just wondering because my husband definitely does not want to find out the sex of the baby until it's born, he says that there's only a few surprises in life, and he thinks finding out the gender of the baby should be one of them. I'm impatient, and an organizer, and want to start painting the baby's room ect. But ultimately we'll be waiting until he or she is here. What will you be doing?[Poll]
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Re: are you going to find out the SEX of the baby?

  • You can still paint and plan clothes without knowing the sex.  How about green and yellow for a room?  There are a lot of gender neutral newborn and infant clothes.  


  • I really want to wait. My husband wants to find out, but is willing to go along with waiting.
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  • Same situation here with our 1st...but it turned out AMAZING to wait!! This time it's up to me he said and I've decided to wait again! It's not a big deal to wait as far as getting ready. I'm a super planner and everything. One this I noticed is people will buy all the stuff off your registry (equipment, necessities, etc) since they can't buy pink or blue clothes, blankets, etc and then once the baby is born, you get all that stuff!
  • I was on the fence until talking to a friend about it a few months ago - she waited, but wished she hadn't, because she had a difficult delivery. She said she was too worried about whether her baby was breathing or not to even care about finding out the sex, and she wished she could have enjoyed that moment. 

    I agree about gender-neutral baby gear, though, and we'll probably try to have a lot of gender-neutral things even though we will be finding out.  

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  • The sex of the baby...  not the gender.
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  • I could not have done it with LO #1 but this time I'm willing to wait.
  • With DD1, we'll find out in another year or 2. With DD2, it'll take 3-5 years to find out.
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  • We're finding out ASAP. Probably at 15-16 weeks.

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    With DD1, we'll find out in another year or 2. With DD2, it'll take 3-5 years to find out.


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  • We decided to find out the sex of the baby. It's our first, and we figure it's a surprise no matter what point you find out!
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    You can still paint and plan clothes without knowing the sex.  How about green and yellow for a room?  There are a lot of gender neutral newborn and infant clothes.  

    Totally. I like the surprise, but it seems like a more thrifty option. I don't want to have to buy a whole new round of infant stuff for #2 someday if they're different sexes...not like the baby cares what it's wearing! (I'm also not a fan of pink-is-for-girls/blue-is-for-boys - my taste runs more toward bright colors for outfits, and neutrals for decoration anyway).

    Plus, as my mom pointed out, "You're due in July. That kid's just going to be wearing diapers and t-shirts for the first two months anyway."  heehee.

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  • Yes, most definitely.  I love the big reveal at the ultrasound and for me its just so much fun to know and shop for gender specific items and really bond with the idea.
  • We didn't find out with DD and it was really fun. I think we're going to find out at 20 weeks with this one, just to see what it's like from both sides.

    Also, a lot of people say they don't like gender-neutral stuff, but that's because they box themselves into thinking all they can use is green/yellow/white/brown. When we did the nursery for DD (and we didn't know what we were having) we painted it a robin's egg blue. We had fun with color.



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  • We will definitely find out the sex. I am way too impatient to wait and I want to be able to get gender specific things for the baby.


  • My husband was dead set on not knowing the sex of our child and once I came to terms with it he called me from work saying "maybe we should know" Hopefully your husband will do the same.
  • My hubby and I are in the same situation except he wants to know (and already knows) and I DO NOT want to know. I've told everyone that if they ask/find out and they ruin it for me they will suffer lol *shakes fist in their general direction*. We had our OB write it down in an envelope, which he then gave to DH. He is very good at keeping secrets, it's his mother and my sister that are absolutely terrible. 

    I won't be having a shower (I do not like them, and found my wedding one to be incredibly awkward as I felt like it was a grab for gifts), so I know that we won't need to worry about someone ruining it at an event like that. 

  • Just curious: why is sex in shouty caps?



  • Last time, I wanted it to be a surprise, and DH wanted to find out. We ended up finding out - DS was pretty flashy during the anatomy scan, though, so it would have been hard not to see.

    This time, we'll find out.

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  • I don't have it in me to wait.  Not. At. All.
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  • image JaysonandKristin:
    The sex of the baby...  not the gender.

    I wish TB had a "like" button, a la Facebook.

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  • baby daddy and i are going to wait to be surprised c: i think it will be much more fun to guess the sex and see if intuition os correct. (so far he thinks it's a girl and i think it's a little boy!)

    really tho, as long as our  little one is healthy we don't care what sex we have or what gender the cild develops into

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  • DH didn't want to know either. I think the surprise thing is a weird excuse. Will it not be a surprise at the ultrasound? I asked him if we coudl talk about it b/c I wanted to find out, and he caved (am I already a scary pregnant lady?). He said he didn't feel that strongly about it, and if I wanted to find out, that's what we'd do. Here's an idea I want to do that might be a compromise. I want US to find out, and not tell anyone (fun to have a secret, right?) until our shower. And do the reveal there. That way, it's a surprise for everyone! Just a thought.
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