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Back :( ---- loss mentioned

Right after my BFP, I was getting brown spotting. When it didn't stop after a few days, and seemed to get heavier, I called my OB. Her answering service actually LAUGHED when I said that I was having spotting and when my LMP was-- I'll be writing them a letter about that one.

She sent me in for a blood test to check my levels and sure enough, I was so low that it was clear we'd lost the baby.

As if it was waiting for the confirmation, as soon as we got the bad news, the heavy red blood started. What I did not expect was that my parts hurt in a similar manner to a couple weeks after I had LO. It was like a little nasty reminder from my body that this wasn't just AF.

They are going to do a follow up blood draw to make sure my levels go back to zero. We plan on trying again right away, since we only have a few months left before DH leaves for 6 months of training. This was our first cycle not BFing (5th overall), so I'm wondering if my progesterone was still just too low.

Overall, I'm ok-- the first feeling was numbness (we were going to meet my sisters fiance, and I didn't want to tell her about any of it), then a lot of depression, but I think today, I feel more at peace with it. I felt like something was wrong with all that spotting from when it started last week, so I had time to come to terms with it. Knowing we can try right away is helping as well. Some websites even say you are more fertile after Tongue Tied Great...

So, I'm back to charting (start temping tomorrow) and I went ahead and pulled the trigger and got the fancy version of FF. I'm sad to be back, but comforted knowing that there are others here who have been through the same thing and understand...

Re: Back :( ---- loss mentioned

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