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possible miscarriage??

Please help, I had a feeling like we should wait to tell DHs family because I was seeing light brown spotting and I just felt like something wasn't right with this pregnancy. But he was so excited to tell them he didn't want to wait so we did yesterday. Last night i just couldnt sleep for some reason and now today when I woke up and went to use the bathroom when I wiped it was bright red. Is this a for sure sign of miscarriage?? Please someone tell me it's not...

Re: possible miscarriage??

  • Its not a "sure sign" but since it is red id call the doctor any way to be safe.
    Did u have sex? It could cause something like that to happen.
    Do you have bad cramps?
  • It is NOT a for sure sign of a miscarriage.  Call your doctor to give them the heads up.  Don't be surprised if they don't have much guidance for you other than to rest and stay hydrated and call if it gets worse.  There are lots of reasons for bleeding and yes, it can be a miscarriage but it can be a SCH or cervical irritation.  GL!
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  • Thank you both for the replies. Yes, we did have sex last night. It's just scary to me because I had no bleeding whatsoever with my first pregnancy and everything went well. So now I am just worried. I'm so relieved it isn't a sure sign. Still hoping for the best then.
  • Call your doctor. They may do an u/s to ease your mind.

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    Call your doctor. They may do an u/s to ease your mind.


    I second this.  When I had spotting with my first, they had me come in for an U/S.

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  • remember each pregnancy is different with my first I spotted non stop from bright red to light pink. So far with this baby that hasnt been a issue unless we have sex then I see a little pink. If you are worried call your doc and make a app
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  • I would call the doctor. They may have you come in for an u/s or run some bloodwork. If nothing else, it will at least help to ease your mind. Just try (I know how hard it is) to stay calm. ((hugs))
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  • I just want to repeat everyone else has said. I've had on and off bleeding with this pregnancy with twins. I've been told the same thing everyone else is saying above.  I called my doctor everytime it happened.  I had to this morning for a clot that came with no blood?! Told everything is fine. 

    I know it's hard to not stress, but just remember that you can just take a deep breathe and send your baby some mental love.  Cry if you need to...don't hold it in.  Just realize that every pregnancy is different and bleeding with no cramps is  normal. 

    I blame the sex education I got!! ;) I was told no period, no bleeding once I was pregnant?! wtf It's so against what I was always told.  And now the "professionals" and most women that have had children say they've bled?! Shew, taking my own deep breathe...it will be okay love!! 

    Sending you some prego love and hugs!!

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