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taggies or lovies safe?

Are these safe? Which do your LO's prefer? Are they meant for them to chew on? To sleep with? Sorry FTM here..
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Re: taggies or lovies safe?

  • I just started letting my LO nap with a lovie but he hasn't seem to taken to it yet.  When my DD was about 6 months old I started letting her sleep with a lovie and she still sleeps with it each night and she is 5 years old.  They are a great comfort sleep aid if your LO becomes attached to one.  They tend to get chewed on if you let your infant have one too.
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  • Do not put anything in the crib with your baby. It is not safe.


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  • DD has been sleeping with an Aden and Anis blanket since she was 3 months. She can't sleep without it now. It's kinda cute :)
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  • I know they say nothing in the crib with baby. But my 7 month old has a monkey & a taggie if one or both are not in bed with him forget it he is not going to sleep. He rolls all over the place & can push up on his arms so we have no fear he will suffocate on them. He pulls the taggie under his face & holds the monkey by an arm, leg, or the tail & goes rt out most times. I went & bought 2 more taggies just like the first & we switch out on a regular basis so 1 is always available for us. Plus we never leave home without one of the 2 items.
  • We took away the pacifier from my DD1 around 4 mnths old. Around 6 months old, she was moving around her crib.. and during sleep one night she found a pink stuffed elephant all the way on the other side of her crib.. I heard a sucking noise-- went upstairs and she was asleep sucking on the tag of the elephant.. so needless to say I knew she found comfort in it. Her little taggie blanket is VERY small.. maybe like 7 by 7 inches square and she loved it. She used it to comfort her by rubbing the tags, and sucking on them as well.

    She just turned 3 and that thing goes everywhere with us. She is slowly learning that she can only have it when she is sleeping or sad/hurt.. but thats it. For us, it was an awesome lifesaver that is perfectly safe- Per our pedi.


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  • we have both im dying to give Lilah but shes so vomitty I dont want to do more laundry


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