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sleeping on back?

at what point should you stop sleeping on your back? I am 16 weeks and i just have the hardest time sleeping on my side

Re: sleeping on back?

  • I think there is an article on TB about this. it is somewhere around week 16 - 20. I also read somewhere that it reduces blood flow. Good luck getting comfy!
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  • You'll know when to stop. As long as it's comfortable, you can breath and it isn't restricting your  blood flow/feeling to your legs you're fine.

    I am almost 28 weeks and still lay on my back. Depending on where LO is sitting sometimes I can't breath when on my back so I switch to my side. Your body will know and tell you when you can no longer do it safely. Same thing goes for stomach sleeping. I slept on my stomach until about week 25 and at that point my body told me it wasn't comfortable anymore and I had to stop.

    So in short, you'll know when to stop. For now though (as my OB told me), "sleep in any position that you can get comfortable!"

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  • Your body will tell you when it is no longer appropriate because it will no longer feel comfortable. I sleep however I feel comfortable and I move when it stops being that way. I probably sleep about a quarter of the night on my back at various intervals.
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  • I was wondering this same thing, I'm 21wks and thats where i find the most comfort. I start off on my right side and wake through the night for those bathroom breaks and I'm on my back. I can't seem to ever get comfortable on my left side and they say thats the side you should be most comfortable. This is my second child and I must say had not a single issue like this, I thought it got easier the second time around.



  • My doc said around 20 weeks.. I asked the same question bc my hips were going numb/getting really sore and my back was the only comfortable position.  I still lie on my back sometimes but you will know when you need to turn over.. it will get uncomfortable! Try the snoogle! I just got one and it allows you to lay turned but still supports you so you aren't completely on your back.  It's really helped with my hip problems! Good luck! 
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  • Stop now. Sooner than later is better.
  • I still sleep on my back throughout most of the night...on 2 pillows but nonetheless on my back.  You will know when to stop.  I slept on my back the night before I delivered DD.  It never bothered me and was the most comfortable position.
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  • My MIL is an OB/GYN nurse (lucky me!) as others have said, do it until its uncomfotable. I still sleep halfway on my stomach but my bump is still barely there as of now....
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