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What is your child school night bedtime and what time do they wake up in the morning.

My girls (4 1/2 in PreK and 6 in K) go to sleep at around 7 and wake up for school at 6:15.  DH and I work full time so they are in the school before program starting at 7am and we pick them up at 4pm - PreK program is at the elementary school.  Its a long day and my girls need the sleep but I feel like 7pm bedtime is so early for my older DD and we have school events starting that go later so she is up later as needed.  Just wondering what others do as far as bedtime.

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  • Generally bedtime is at 8:30pm, and we wake her up for the day at 7:30am. The bus comes at 8:15am. There are nights that she's up until 9pm and is still fine the next day. Any later, and we can tell that she's overtired. I'd say she needs at least 10.5 hours/night.

    ETA: DD1 regularly has activities that go until 7-7:30pm, so there's no way to actually get her to bed earlier.

    Lately DD2 has been going to bed after her sister. I tuck DD1 in at 8:30pm, and DD2 finally falls asleep around 9pm. She gets up earlier (by 7am) but also naps for 2-3 hours during the day. The only way I could get her to bed earlier would be to cut her nap. With how crabby she is without a nap, I'd rather just put her to bed later.

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  • Both of my girls are in bed around 7-7:30pm.  They wake up around 6 am.  My oldest has had issues with night waking since age 2 so keeping a routine is key.  We occasionally keep them up later for an outing, etc.  My family/friends can't believe how early their bedtime is or how strict we are with it but with the sleep issues we've experienced we know what works for our family.

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  • During the school year bedtime is between 7:30 and 8pm for all of them 6, 4, and 3 yrs old during the week. They wake up at 7 am. We are much more relaxed on fri and sat nights and school events! If they were early risers they would prob need to go to bed earlier!
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  • It's hard. Sometimes there isn't a perfect solution.

    DS's bedtime in K and 1st was close to 8pm. He woke up around 7 for an 8:15 start time/15 minute commute. He changed schools for 2nd and 3rd- 50 minute commute and 8:00 start time. There were nights when he'd fall asleep closer to 7:30. It was hard when he had evening activities like scouts or karate. He needed the social interaction but was off his game so it was really hard- being tired exacerbated his ADHD impulsivity.

  • My DD is 6 and goes to bed at 7pm, sometimes she doesn't fall asleep until 7:15-ish but she's in bed at 7.  She has to wake at 6am for school.
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  • DSs are 6y (first grade) and are in bed by 8pm (and asleep not long there after.) That is the earliest we can get them into bed during the week since we don't get home from work/aftercare till 6ish and then have to fit in dinner, homework, bath, and reading. They have to be up at 6:15am in order to get to before care/school.
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  • DS is 5 and in K and DD is 4 in pre-k. They go to bed at 7:30 most nights. I have put them to bed at 7 a few times if they seemed extra tired. I wake DS up at 6:30. He has to be at school at 7:30 and he gets out at 2:45.

    DD usually wakes up on her own between 7 and 7:30am. She only goes to school MWF 8:30-11:30.

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  • My kids wake up at 6 am.

    DS goes to bed around 8 and is allowed to read.  He generally turns off his light at around 8:30.  On karate night, he gets to bed even later.  He's tired by the end of the week.  I feel like he actually needs a little more sleep, but this is the best we can do.

    DD says goodnight to us around 8:30 and reads in her room or finishes up hw, if necessary.  She usually turns the light out between 9:30 and 10.  She's also tired by the end of the week, but she usually catches up on weekends if she doesn't have a sleepover, or something.

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  • DS is in 1st grade, and he goes to bed anywhere from 7:45-8:45 pm. It just depends on the night. He gets up between 6-6:30 am. He's never been a real sleeper, so the amount of sleep is good for him. My pedi said 10-11 hours a night at age 6 (which DS is) is fine. My DS is closer to the 10 hrs. most nights.
  • My son is almost 6, he sleeps from 830 or 9 until 7or 715. Some days he still naps. They have rest time in all day K. I was having him go in his room at 730 but he never falls asleep before 8 so now we let him stay up until he gets tired. Occasionally on weekends we let him stay up until 10 and he sleeps until 9 or 10 the next morning. I don't necessarily like him being up until 9 but the half hour once or twice a week isn't worth the struggle and has never affected his ability to wake up.
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  • My kids are slightly older, 9 and 7.  The 7 year old goes to bed between 7:30 and 8.  I leave her in her room at 7:30 and she's allowed to read until 8 if she wants.  Many nights she goes straight to sleep.  She's up between 6:30 and 7.  

    My oldest goes to sleep between 8:30 and 9, however she is a nightowl and we have to wake her up in the morning at 7:30.  She'd sleep past 8 if we let her.  

    Now that they're getting older their activities are getting later at night.  Some nights DD#1 has softball until 7:45.  Those nights she doesn't get to sleep until closer to 9:30 (sometimes even 10).  Luckily this is only once a week and it's now over for the season but it's definitely hard to get them enough sleep when their activities run late.  

    We also don't do all activities in the evenings.  Some of their school programs run late (start at 7 and go past 8:30).  We generally skip these.  I never understand why they run so late for elementary school.  I know our bedtimes are fairly early for their ages but I have to believe we're not the only ones who put their kids to bed this early.   

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