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Where have you travelled with LO?

(For enjoyment - not moving!) 

DS and I just got back from visiting my family in the States (he did great on both flights!) and we are planning to accompany DH to the Tour of Flanders next spring. We will probably do a few trips around the UK in the next few months.

Where have you taken your LO? Did you travel with your SO or alone? Would you go there again?  If so, what would you do differently? Any other comments, funny stories, words of warning?


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Re: Where have you travelled with LO?

  • DD's first flight was to Tenerife, she was 4 months old, great trip. Next was to the US GA at 8 months, easy, great trip to see friends. After that was to the UK at 9 months...stressful flight as she'd figured out standing up. Great trip. We just took her to Venice...thank god for iPads during the flight! Trip was great. Oh we've also driven to Zurich and the NL with her, not so great but manageable. I loved having her with us each trip and would do them all again.
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  • We moved to Scotland in the begining of June, so most of my summer was spent unpacking and setting up the times

    We did drive down to Newcastle to see the US women's soccer team play NZ in the Olympics- that was definitely worth it.  E did well at the stadium too.

    We did a trip back to the States in August/September to see my family in Jersey and then flew to Georgia for BIL wedding.  E was around 8 1/2 months old. We spent time down at my family's shore house and got to take E to the beach in an actual bathing suit as opposed to wearing multiple layers of clothing.

    Other than that we usually do one day trip every other weekend outside of Aberdeen.  We have been all over northern Scotland on hikes and visiting historic locations. If you like history, beautiful landscapes, and chilly weather year round- I highly reccommend Scotland. 

    In a couple weeks we are headed to Edinburgh for the week because DH has a class for work.  I am so excited!

    I have not traveled alone with E, but plan to this spring on a trip back to the States.  We also plan on traveling a bunch next spring/summer to various places in Europe.

    Words of warning...check the airplane bathroom before you take LO in to see which one has the changing table....E had a poopexplosion (the run straight up your back kind) somewhere over the Atlantic and in my rush to get her to the bathroom I went into the one without the table...I had to put the toilet lid down and balance changing a shittty mess on top of a airplane size toilet without getting more shitt on her and me. I was however very happy that I remembered the empty ziploc bag so i could store her ruined outfit.



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  • Toronto twice on my own with him (once at 4 months, once at 2)

    Dominican Republic twice with DS and DH

    Dublin, Edinburgh, London (for Olympics this summer), Liverpool, Barcelona, Ibiza with DS and DH - would go to all of them again. Liverpool is our closest big city BTW.

    We've been home twice since we moved here 16 months ago. I flew on my own with DS on the way over which for us is 2 x 1 hr flights, overnight in a hotel, then a 9 hour flight. I pretty much said I would never do it again after each trip. Ha ha - I did and I will do it again and with two of them.

    Once DS hit 2 travel got a lot easier. We just had a great trip to Spain and we all enjoyed it. Went to London for the Olympics this summer and was well worth it. 

    We're planning a low travel year next year with this new baby. At least one trip back to Canada when the new LO is 3 months and then maybe Christmas too.

    Otherwise we are saving to go on a bigger trip, probably Egypt with a week at a resort, in early 2014. 

    We have a pretty long list of places we'd like to see: Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia, southern France, for sure a trip back to Italy (went a few times before DS), Portugal, more of Spain. DH and I have been to a lot of these countries on our own for work but would love to go again with DS.

    Travel is a priority for us while we live overseas. We'd rather put our money towards trips than things. Last year we didn't buy each other gifts and just a few things for DS and spent our ? going to Edinburgh for Christmas. It was great!

  • I traveled to the US when DS was 9 months old with DH, DSD, and DSS.  It wasn't too bad despite missing our flight from Chicago to Buffalo and having to stay in a hotel for a few hours and extending out 30ish hour trip to about 45ish hours.  During that trip we also flew down to Florida and DS was fantastic.  We drove to Canberra from Melbourne (with a 1 week stop at my MIL) and back when DS was 22 months old.  I was worried about him being in the car so long (most of the time he's fine and will just fall asleep when tired, but then others he decides he needs to scream instead) but he was great.  We will be visiting the US again but at the moment I'm too nervous to fly all that way with how active DS is.  There isn't anything that holds his attention for longer then 10 minutes. 
  • I've taken LO on my own to the US and to Ecuador and back, and with DH we've done most of Belgium, visit Germany quite often and it all goes great. I am a bit afraid of the trip in 3 weeks when we leave to go visit my family in Ecuador LO and me as he's already walking and I know it's going to be one long a** flight...
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  • We travel a lot - it is EXHAUSTING! But LO is a good traveller -


    Back and forth to the US probably about 6 times in LO's first 2.5 years - within the US up and down the east coast via plane and car.Found this pretty easy, except for last solo flight with LO and I where I didn't book a seat for LO and he was 22 months. 

    Just got back from train ride from Denmark - Germany. Worked out well - didn't book a seat for LO, but we did OK. We pack a small lunchbox full of toy surprises and have an ipad which LO only plays on special occasions. Mostly hardest because I am also 24 weeks pregnant and have a hard time bending over.

    Road trip through Sweden - drove about 3 hours per day and stopped at different places along the way when LO was about 1.5. This was easy and fun.

    Camping trip and hike - Slept 2 nights in a tent, LO walked and rode in a carrier - really had a great time.

    We have travelled a lot just the two of us and as a family - and it went really well. But I always go very prepared - sticker books, games, toys wrap a few things, crayons, I end up switching activities every 20-30 minutes to keep it interesting.  



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  • I have traveled a lot 60 plus countries, many with dh, with ds we took him to Spain and Portugal at 11 weeks, then the US at 15 weeks, he has also been all over the UK, Belgium and all over the YS, we travel often. We are taking ds and dd to the uK and Spain in march
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  • Honestly, I hate traveling with DD. Partially because I hate the fact that I'm usually the one who has to pack for her and me while I'm watching her and DH is at work, and if anything is forgotten then it's my fault (he doesn't blame me, but it's clear that it is my responsibility to make sure we have everything for her). And partially because she usually screams like a banshee for several hours when we're trying to put her to bed the first night we're away from home. If she wakes up in the night, it's more screaming.

    Having said that, we went to Austria for a family thing when she was 6 months old, flew to the US with her when she was 8 months old and again when she was 12 and 18 months old, and we've done some traveling and overnighting in Germany for various things.

    BFP1: DD1 born April 2011 at 34w1d via unplanned c/s due to HELLP, DVT 1 week PP
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  • We live in the Caribbean part time/ mid-west US part time. It is a 12-15 hour travel day. I have done it many times alone and with DH. Using my Ergo is my favorite travel tip. But....she is so mobile now. We fly again next week, so we shall see. 

    We have also taken her skiing(travel by car). Spring, we will go to Denmark. We plan to get in as many lap trips as possible before she is 2.

    Like another PP said, travel is important to us and we just make it work.




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  • We go back and forth to Maine a lot since that is where my SDS are. Her first trip there was at 11 days for SD1 HS graduation. We go to Maine 4-5 times a year. 

    We went back to Europe when she was 4 months, 16 months and 28 months. The first two trips were to the Netherlands and Paris. This last trip we went to Switzerland, then drove to the Netherlands (spent a night in Germany) and from there to Paris. 

    We also went to New Orleans when she was about 9 months old and a few weeks later we went to Ohio and Philly to go college shopping for SD2. Last December we went to Hilton Head with everyone (SDs, nieces, DD and dH's parents) and that was fun. The nieces go to camp in Estes Park, CO every summer and other than this past summer we always spend a couple of night there before picking up the kids

    Pretty much all our travel  is family related (except for our NO trip). DD has been a great traveler so far which makes it pretty easy to go places. Hopefully she will keep that up!

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  • We haven't travelled much, one of the downsides of me being a sAhm and only having one income. :)

    we have been to the US a few times with both kids, and W says been to Seville and to Budapest. Otherwise, just in the uk, so car trips and not quite as exciting. ;) 

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • We travel with DD (now DS too) to Atlanta from the UK at least once year. We have taken her to Ireland and all over the UK - personal favorites are the Lake District and Edinburgh. I have not flown with her by myself but I have taken her to London by train 6-8 times by myself and went on a day trip to Cardiff with a friend and her kids this summer. 

    DH and I have traveled in Europe quite a bit both together and before we were married. We are in the process of planning a family trip in the summer to the continent but haven't decided where we are going to go exactly. We have friends in Berlin that have invited us to stay for a few days so I know we are going to be planning around that. 

    In February we are also taking a wedding anniversary/30th birthday trip to Prague for just the two of us. Cannot wait!!

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  • we've take dd back to the states 3 times, once at 3 months, with dh

    and I took her twice on my own - at 11 months and 23 months

    we also went on a beach holiday to Hamilton Island to celebrate FIL's birthday this year for a week, that was lovely except dd hated the humidity!


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  • image lbaby08:

    In February we are also taking a wedding anniversary/30th birthday trip to Prague for just the two of us. Cannot wait!!

    I'm insanely jealous!  We lived there for a couple years and I miss it a lot. 

  • Went to the states when ds was five months for my sisters wedding. He did awesome, but the adjustment to this time zone when we came home..awful!

    We have driven to Italy, Austria, Switzerland, etc. He hates the car seat, so sadly, it's not gone well.

    I am hoping we can do some train travel soon, as I think he would really like it.

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    DS born via unplanned C-section at 40w6d


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