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How much would you expect to pay?

Hi everyone! 


I have a quick question for you, as I am a SAHM, with a 13month old girl, I was considering watching another child ( 10 months of age) full-time for 8-10 hrs a day.

Now, I wouldn't mind taking this on, but the mother is wanting to pay about $35 a day . I find that pretty low, considering I am not a daycare /child minding center who has a few other kids they take care of well.

 She is going to provide Bottles, and diapers, but would prefer if I cook the meals and provide the snacks.  

I was going to counter offer with at least $50-60 a day, $50, being she provides her own food/snacks and $60 if I Have to , and thats just from thew few posts the came up on google .


Any thoughts/suggestions? What would you be willing to pay for a lady with her own baby, for 8-10 hrs a day?



oh, and I live in the Toronto, Ontario Area. 

Thanks for reading :) 


Re: How much would you expect to pay?

  • I'd call around and get some rates from other daycares and try to stay in that range. IME, in-home providers, especially ones who aren't licensed, are typically less expensive than an accountable licensed center. $50/day is about what we pay here for high-end, exceptional, curriculum based daycare.
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  • Thats probably on the lower end, but pretty reasonable around here.
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  • In home sets ups are typcially less than daycare not more. The daycare near me charges $57 a day so I'd generally expect someone caring for kids in their home to charge less. If you we coming to my home then I'd pay you something close to a nanny rate.

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  • This kind of thing definitely depends on the cost of living in your area.  I watch kids in NC and $35 a day for a 10 month old is a little low, but your rate of $50-60 would be way too high.  I charge $50 for a newborn baby.  For me, I would probably do it monthly, like $800-850 or so a month... or around 40 ish a day.  You can drop it down a little once they turn a year or 18 months old.  I don't provide lunch or snacks.  All my kids bring their own.  Once I watched a girl who needed me to provide food and I added $1 a day.
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  • $35 seems about right to me. I babysit another child in my home. Her mom pays me $4/hr, and I watcher her approx. 9-10hrs/day, so $36-40/day. I provide breakfast and lunch and her mom does pay extra for those - $1/day for lunch and $0.50/day for breakfast. Mom provides diapers, wipes, and milk.
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  • I pay $35/day and provide diapers and wipes, and they provide snacks, lunch, crafts, etc. But she has a few other kids, so she isn't only making $35/day. That being said, that is at the high end for daycares where I live, and I wouldn't pay more than that, even if it was with a mom with only her own kid and no others.  


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  • I pay $45/day and provide diapers and milk (we are on a different milk then the ones she provides). She provides food and wipes.
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  • Wow, now I think I am over paying my part time nanny. I pay $12 an hour. You should tell this mom what you want an hour so it is less of a "sticker shock" for her. I would think $6-8hr is reasonable, and maybe tell her you'll cover snacks and lunch. A few snacks and yogurts would only cost $10 a week and she may feel like she's getting a good deal. Good luck!
  • As pp said it depends on the cost of living where you live.  I've never used in home child care, but my friend's neighbor watches her children for $20 per kid per day, which is very inexpensive to me, but she's retired and I think it's supplemental income for her.  But my friend provides all food, snacks and diapers.  I think that in home child care should be less expensive then liscenced DCP.  Unless you have an education or early childhood development background and are providing a curriculum.  I would research the rates for daycare in your area and then come in under that with your offer.


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  • I do in home child care, I charge 25 a day, when I started I just wanted to do something to occupy my time and help out with fiances. In our area the rates are generally lower a high quality daycare center charges about 35 a day.
  • I only watch additional children as a backup now, but even when I was doing it full time I charged $30 a day and that was on the high end for someone without licensing.  I think so much will depend on your area and COL.  I did provide all food once they were on table foods.  I agree with PP, though, that unless you have some sort of degree in early childhood education, etc, then you can't expect to make as much as a licensed facility (whether that is in home or in a center).  
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  • I personally wouldn't do it for less than $10/hr here but we are in a HCOL. Daycare center here was going to be over $350 a week per child so in home should be less. 

    My sis have in home nanny to her 3 kids and pays $12/hr.  

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  • In NYC the going rate for watching someone is $15/hour. If you are not experienced then you can get by with $12/hour.

    Everything is done on an hourly basis and not a daily rate. 

    ETA: Since you are also watching your own kid though, I would expect to pay you a bit less than what I would pay someone who was tending to my child only. Also, if you viewed this as a traditional nanny-share, it would be $18/hour for both children, or about $9/hour per family. So her giving you about $7-$10 an hour would be a fare rate.

  • I pay $48 a day, and Z goes for 13 hours (DH and I are both shift workers), and I find it more upscale than a lot of others in town. They're the only 24 hours daycare in town, so even though I think it's expensive (even though it's not compared to bigger cities), it's completely necessary.

    ETA: This is a licensed center in Eastern Ontario, not a home daycare.

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  • I live in Baltimore, MD which is pretty expensive all around. I pay $195 a week, for full time 9-5, in home day care. I provide all the meals, bottles, etc and she just has to serve them. She also watches 3 other little girls. I used another in home day care and she had 4 kids of her own at home, which she didn't tell me at first, then she had other kids she watched. She charged me $45 a day since I wasn't full time but every day I picked my daughter up I felt like she was not cared for properly. She would be filthy, diaper full, hadn't eaten so I quickly changed!!!
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  • Check out kijiji for childcare or ask moms in your area and you will get an idea for what others are charging. I am in in Eastern ON, and $30-35 is approx what you would expect to pay in Ottawa area so I would think you could charge a bit more in TO not sure by how much. $10 an extra per day for food is ridiculous, maybe $5. To me though, food is just part of your rate.

    But, as a parent paying daycare, I wouldn't pay more than the going rate just because you choose to only have one child in your care. I would take it into consideration since it would mean more attention for my little one, but I don't think I would pay $10-15 more per day for it. It actually might deter me from picking you because it doesn't feel like you are treating it as a "business" which would concern me on how reliable you would be. You probably aren't going to make min wage if you only take one child in.

    In the end, it would just depend on how much you actually want to watch the other child. Offer whatever makes it worthwhile for you and the parents will decide if they are will to pay that.

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  • Between 50-60 is kinda high.

    I am from Mississauga, and the going rate for home childcare is around 30-40.  If I wanted to pay more I would send my kid to a center. 

  • We live in a LCOL area.  When I was working, the in-home DCs around here charged $25-35 per day, and we provided diapers, food, and any other consumables.  One place wanted us to provide our own PNP for naps.
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  • I am a SAHM too, but friends of ours have a nanny and they pay $50 a day. The nanny lives on the same street and comes to their house, so it's all their food, diapers etc. We are in the New England area.

    $35 seems too low in my opinion, especially if she expects you to provide food/snacks too.

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  • Ain't no way in Hawaii I'd pay $50.00/day. That's over 1k a month. If I was paying that, I'd pay a licensed/certified/watched-over-by-the-state center- one with a structured curriculum. Between $35-$40 a day seems completely reasonable to me.
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  • When I did childcare for someone over the summer I googled it and was able to find price charts for my area. I found out that home daycares charged about $6.50 an hour per child so I charged her $6. If you haven't done it before I would recommend a trial period first. After being a SAHM with just my daughter for so long I really, really hated it! I missed having "us" time and the age difference was really hard on me. 
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  • $35 would sound about right to me - I'm in Montreal. 

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