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Telling others about your pregnancy

When did you tell people about your pregnancy I am 16 weeks and I told my boss and my immediate family but I haven't announced it at work mainly because I don't want to deal with questions about who will get my job while I am off. I am not sure if people even notice I feel huge but I generally keep to myself at work and don't do breaks or lunch with my coworkers. I am on vacation the week after next if eel like by they I will have to tell.
When did everyone else break the news and do I have to announce it or can I just let people figure it out?

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  • I told my immediately family and a couple friends after my nt scan.  It has leaked out to other family by now.  I haven't told my boss or co-workers yet.  I think I will just tell my boss next week and not really announce to others but I'm assuming they will find out somehow.  I'm not super close with them but we are friendly.  Its weird I just feel uncomfortable telling people except those who I am close to.  Also my boss is super stressed right now so I'm kinda scared to tell her I'll be gone for 3 months ha.  I understand why you don't want those questions and I think its totally fine to not announce. I would probably just let them figure it out or just mention it in converstaion if you are comfortable but not like in an announcement kind of way. 
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  • I'm telling everyone next week at 15wks, my boss has known since I was 8 weeks because I knew I'd miss some meetings for appts.

    I was holding out, but my boss told me last week one of my coworkers (one who has some maturity issues) told him I must be looking for a job since I've had so many "Dr. Appts". My boss was like I assure you that's not what it is but it's also none of your business!!! I'm going to say something seperately to her because it really is none of her business!

     My boss said it's still up to me but I should be aware other coworkers might be getting the same impression. I generally really like all my other coworkers so will be sharing next week if I can actually manage to get to work in NYC, been working from home ALL week!


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  • People knew at work really early, like maybe 6 or 8 weeks.  It stopped the rumors of why I was throwing up all of the time.  My parents knew the day that I got my first BFP.  DH's father came to visit at 6 weeks so we told him then because there would be questions as to why I was not drinking.  We told DH's mom that day since we had to tell his dad.

    Apparently some of my friends figured it out at 5 weeks because my mocktail did not fool anyone.

    A few friends knew at 4 weeks because it was my birthday and DH's birthday.  I always order champaige so it would not have been hard for them to figure out when I did not do that.  Also, they knew that it had been 2 weeks since my IVF and were waiting for either the call that I was throwing a pity party or that I was going to have a baby.

    I went facebook offical at 10 weeks.

    You don't have to announce.  You can just let word trickle out if that is what makes you comfortable.

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  • I told work early-- I'm only 9 weeks, but I was puking in the middle of sentences, coming out of rooms and barely making it to the garbage cans, etc. And since I work in a hospital, I couldn't blame it on the flu. Especially not one that's lasted 8 weeks already!

    We told my parents and sister after my 2nd beta (I knew at 10 DPO, 2nd beta 12 DPO) because I couldn't hide it from them either. We told MH's parents and sister last week after the ultrasound confirmed a heartbeat and appropriate growth. And we'll tell my entire, extended family at Thanksgiving, when I'll be 12-13 weeks. After that, I'll tell whoever.

    A couple close friends have known for a couple weeks, but that's it. 

    Kind of messy and haphazard, now that I look back at what I just typed!


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  • I haven't told anyone at work yet, probably when I schedule my amnio in a few weeks I would be telling my boss. We had one lady that did not tell anyone until she was 6 month! She is tiny but managed to hide it pretty well.

  • I told everyone at work when my belly surpassed my boobs because my flowy shirsts didn't hang but started tenting and you could start to tell that I had a belly that wasn't there 2 wks ago.  
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  • I'm still just randomly telling people. I'm about 32 weeks and my belly is showing to me but most people can't even tell.
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