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hair removal on a 10 yr old??

Hi all! My daughter is 10 and seems to be very bothered by some darkish hair above her lip.... I dont want her to feel uncomfortable about herself for anything and I always catch her looking in the mirror at it and her brows. Any thoughts on it. Tbh i actually feel ok with either waxing it or using a hair remover cream if it will make her feel better but would like some other input. Thanks!


Re: hair removal on a 10 yr old??

  • If it bothers her then there is nothing wrong with doing something about it.  If she is fair skinned she could use a facial hair bleach to just lighten the hair above her lip to make it less obvious. 
  • I would not wax it or anything like that yet as it will hurt but they make some creams that will remove it and that is pain free.  I would be careful with bleaching it at this age.  Regardless of how its done, just make sure you do it with her until she is a lot older.
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  • If it bothers her and make her feels self conscious, then I would allow her to use hair removal cream first , maybe even wax, as long as she knows the waxing will hurt a little, nothing too extreme really.  
  • I would do the hair bleach thing. Sally Hensen has one that I use. That is what my Mom used with me when I was little. I probably started using it around 10 or 11 but my Mom would always mix it and put it on me and stay with me until it had to be removed. It can burn your skin if you leave it longer than recommended. I would try it for 5 min the first time and see if it irritates your DD's skin. I still use this product on myself since waxing is too painful for me and always leaves bruises (even when done by professionals) and I have and adverse reactions to most of the hair removal creams. Also growth is not as noticeable as with waxing.
  • I remember I started using the Sally Hansen facial creme bleach (with my mom's help) when I was about in 5th or 6th grade as I had dark hair above my lip.  I am light skinned but have dark brown hair.  I remember getting teased about it.  I am still VERY self conscious about it.  I kept on using it until my mid 20s when I started waxing.

    Unless your daughter's eyebrows are really "bushy" I wouldn't let her start plucking/waxing them at this age.  I think its hard to stop once you start plus I feel its a little too young for such a mature look.

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  • I agree that she should be able to wax or use cream if it's noticeable.  Nothing is worse than being teased about this kind of thing.

    I have had dark hairs on my upper lip and extra eyebrow hairs that I've been removing since I was about your daughter's age. 

    In the summer, I actually use peroxide to bleach my "mustache" hairs.  Once they're bleached blond, they aren't as noticeable.  In winter, I'm not in the sun enough to make this method work well, so I use creme hair remover.  Since your DD is still a kid, start with something mild that is specific for faces.  I have used straight-up Nair on my face, but it can burn sensitive skin.

    For eyebrows, I use wax strips.  When I was younger, my mom used to take me to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed, but when I was on my own in later high school, I didn't want to mess with that or pay for it, so I learned to do it myself.

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  • I am an extremely hairy woman and have tried just about everything. For a young child with sensitive skin, you may want to consider threading. It doesn't use chemicals, is quick, doesn't cost much, and lasts a long time. If threading isn't available in your area, a depilatory cream specifically for the face is a good alternative. I have had good luck with Nair for the face. 

    Here is a short link:  

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  • Welp~ ended up using cream and she was so happy with it! That's all that really mattered to me. Thank you all for your input, made me feel better about my choice. I never even thought of threading even though i get it done for myself! Maybe will try it next time depending on how long the cream lasts for her. Thanks again ladies!


  • Would let her remove it I'd she wants, I would remove and not bleach because she is probably not looking to have blond hair, she wants no hair.
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  • I started waxing at age 11. My aunt has a beauty salon in her house and my cousin, who was the same age, and I would have her do it. When we were about 13, we started waxing ourselves.
    If it is something that she is bothered by, I see no problem doing it.
  • Well I seen you already used the cream, but I've had this issue also I was a hairy kid and am dark skinned my mom waxed me when I was 13 brows and upperlip. . .well kinda my whole face honestly cause it was obvious like hair on my forhead etc. . . anyways to this day I still maintain a lot of that lol.

    Passed on my hairy gene to my oldest daughter and she too has a mustache and unibrow and hairy forehead. She has asked my to wax her unibrow which ive done twice so far she is 7, almost 8 but I thought it was ok cause I know I was teased a lot and would hate for anyone to hurt my little girls feelings. . .but i didnt think about the cream Ima buy some and use that on her. She hasnt mentioned her upper lip yet thank goodness but when she does I want to be ready. Poor thing when she told me about her uni brow she said Ernie, Ernie :(

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