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Nursery Bedding Questions

I am a first time mom and have some questions about the nursery, more specifically cribs:

Every time I look at bedding sets, they come with bumpers and quilt/coverlet. Aren't bumpers and using a quilt pretty taboo now? I thought you weren't supposed to use either until the baby was older. Am I wrong?

Do most people buy bedding sets or do they buy a fitted sheet and a blanket (once they are older)? 



Re: Nursery Bedding Questions

  • I was scared of using bumpers the first time, still am! We just used fitted crib sheets. Plus the matching sheet, bumper, etc is NMS.
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  • If by 'pretty taboo' you mean dangerous, then yes. We just bought sheets we liked and my MIL made a dust ruffle to go. You can buy individual sheets. Don't bother buying blankets, you will get tons as gifts
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  • yep, we just bought plain fitted sheets and a breathable bumper.  I had bought a bed skirt, but ended up not liking it because once we lowered the crib level it dragged all over the floor.  the sets are overpriced, too.
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  • We skipped the bumpers. I bought an expensive pottery barn quilt which never got used. Save your money. Register for a few crib sheets, some mattress pads, and maybe a crib skirt. I'm skipping the crib skirt for this next one because once the crib gets dropped to the lowest setting, the skirt just doesn't work.
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  • Land of Nod has the bedding so you can but just a sheet and crib skirt. It's all ala carte.

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  • Yep. Bumpers and quilts are no nos but some ladies use them to decorate the room. Bumpers for window valences and quilt for wall hanging. Check out Skip Hop's bumperless bedding sets. They're super cute and safe for baby!
  • We still just use a fitted crib sheet and breathable bumpers.

    I did buy a frilly crib skirt and used that in the beginning, but after a few sheet changes I stopped bothering with it. 

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  • We used the bumper with DD, I'm comfortable enough to use one again this time, but I'm not sold on it. IMO the quilts are useless.

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  • I got my bedding set as a gift so it didn't cost me a dime.  Unfortunately, the bumper is total waste since I won't be using it (although I did see an idea on here recently where someone wrapped it around the outside of the crib, below the mattress...interesting idea!)  The quilt came with rod loops on the back, so I'll use it as a wall hanging for decoration.
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  • Don't waste the money! IMO. They say you shouldn't use the bumper pads at least until baby is able to roll away from them. I did use them when DD1 got older to keep her soother from falling out of the crib. But she was about 6 months by then and was able to crawl. I also had a ceiling fan on in her room all the time for air circulation. With DD2 I had fitted sheets and a neighbour made her a beautiful quilt/blanket and that was it. But I did't go all out crazy decorating the nursery all themed and stuff. Didn't have the time or money and really never missed it!!! And now that they are 2 and 3 it is easier to "redecorate" by adding simple touches, like throw pillows, rugs, bookcases and such. 
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  • Just buy really cute sheets. We never used the bumper and the quilt just lays at the foot of his twin bed. A waste of 250.
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  • I wasn't a fan of all the matchy matchy baby sets so I "built" my own.

    I bought a breathable bumper, had a woman on etsy make me a cute bird crib quilt for my gender neutral bird nursery and I bought a sheet and crib skirt a la carte from sets (when you go to the store you can usually buy sheets by themselves from sets if you find one that you like and will work in your nursery).

    With that said, if you decide to buy a set. You can just buy a breathable bumper or use no bumper while your baby is small and once they're crawling/walking you can put the regular bumper that came with the set in the crib.

    **and just to add in I do think a crib quilt/comforter is a waste in general. It wasn't for me because I have a blanket rack in my nursery where my bird quilt is displayed on it and acts as a decoration, but otherwise you'll never use the thing!*** 

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  • I didn't buy a bedding set with DD. Just 3-4 pairs of sheets and a breathable bumper. IMO, it wasn't worth the money, when we could use most of the stuff in the set. But I have heard of a lot of moms getting crafty, and turning the bumper in wall decorations and such, if you wanna go that route:)
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  • I think so. I generally just buy sheets and a bed skirt separately. I've never used or needed the bumpers. The quilts can be used with a toddler bed, so they're not a complete waste.
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