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Husband going back to work

How do you and your significant other split up responsibilities when you're on leave (or a stay at home mom) and he's going back to work? I think I can manage fine to get up with the LO during the night and let him sleep, but I'm worried about the crying/screaming that might wake him (i.e. middle of the night diaper change that the LO hates). He also cooks dinner. I feel as though I should be taking everything on since I'm home all day, but I dont know where the hours in the day go, between feeding, burping, diapering, soothing for a nap, getting laundry done, possibly getting a nap for myself, etc. I just dont want to wear him out :/

Re: Husband going back to work

  • DH watches baby for a few hours when he gets home so I can take a nap... I do all of the overnight care when DH has to work the next day.

    Housework and cooking is no different from before baby, except that maybe DH does a little more than he used to since I'm constantly holding/entertaining/nursing/cleaning/changing the baby. I wear LO in my ergo carrier and get a little done during the day, and whatever doesn't get done is either left as-is or done by DH. Some days I clean up and the house looks great when DH gets home, and some days I barely had time to clean up after myself and there is baby stuff everywhere or dishes of my own that I didn't have time to pick up.

    I've been on leave for 9 weeks and it hasn't been until the past 2 weeks that I've been able to cook dinner before DH gets home on most days.. I usually start prepping things earlier in the day when LO naps, so that I can just throw it together at the last minute while DH drives home.

    Luckily, my DH understands that the baby needs constant attention.. and he has no problem with me being home all day just to take care of the baby since he's a full time job on his own at this age.

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  • right now i am a sahm and i do everything except cook... 90% of baby needs are met by me on any given day

    try to nap w baby & prioritize cleaning/to dos, that helps me 


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  • I think it depends on the baby! My DS still wants to be held all day and sleeps best in my arms, so I am still not able to as much done as I would like around the house. We EBF so I take on most of the overnight shift but I wake MH for the occasional diaper change or if I have been trying unsuccessfully to get DS back to sleep for a long time.
    i think it helps that MH recognizes how tough it can be taking care of a baby all day. He usually helps with cooking dinner, although on the weekends I also use his help to watch DS so I can prep or cook extra dinners for the coming week.
    Good luck!
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