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When did you start showing?

Okay, so here is the question:

When did you start showing enough to where strangers knew you were pregnant.

I am now 19 weeks and thought that I would for sure have a baby bumpy by now, but you can't even tell that I am pregnant! I just look thick in my mid-section. No bump :(

This is my first, and I know with your first it sometimes takes longer, but I want the bump!

When did you all start showing with your first to where it was noticeable!?


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Re: When did you start showing?

  • I am 18 weeks and a couple of days- there are certain shirts that make baby bump a little more obvious than others.  However I am a larger mom anyway so I think it will still be awhile before people say 'holy crap you are pregnant' instead of 'you should go on a diet" (not that anyone says that but you know what I mean)Wink
  • 7 months. I was very active to begin with and I think that's why my tummy stayed in for so long. It's really just starting to pop and I'm 33 weeks.
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  • About 20 weeks but I am super short so there was no where for the baby to go except out.
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  • I'm 19w2d and I know strangers have been able to TELL I'm pregnant for the last couple of weeks, but nobody's actually said anything yet. Also, a woman I used to work with but haven't seen in years knew I was pregnant as soon as she saw me a few days ago. Maybe people really can tell, they're just afraid to say anything. I, personally, have learned my lesson to NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant, regardless of how sure I am lol. I would imagine your bump will probably start growing really fast from here on out, just because the baby grows sooooo fast. Give it a couple more weeks and I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!
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  • FTM - I started getting the side eye around 12/13 weeks so we had to announce around then. By 15 weeks there was an obvious bump. But, for many of my friends (also FTMs), they didn't start showing until after 5 months. It seems to depend on how you carry and your body type - I'm petite and very short waisted so there is nowhere for baby to go but out. 
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  • At 18 weeks a lady on the subway offered me her seat, so I guess it was obvious to strangers then! :)
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  • With my first, it was noticeable to strangers right around 25 weeks. At 19 weeks, I could tell I had a bump, but it was not noticeable to anyone else.
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  • 5/5.5 mos with #1, 3.5 with #2
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  • Not sure exactly but after 20 weeks depending on what I wore. Maternity shorts and shirts definitely emphasize the bump because there is nothing cutting across my belly. Even now if I wear baggy work out clothes I don't think I look pregnant unless you knew me before. 


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  • I could tell strangers could start to notice around 18-19 weeks.  People that know me could easily tell by 15 weeks.  This is my second baby though. I know with my first it took a lot longer to show.

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  • With my first strangers noticed at 25 weeks. This time it was more like 16 weeks. I've had a bump since 12 weeks, but I think it was really noticeable at 16.
  • I started showing quite early.  I would say by 15 weeks it was obvious to the world... but I was able to start asking for seats on the train by 12! 

    I'm now 22 weeks, and everyone seems to think I should give birth in a month or 2, not 4!

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  • I thought I looked pregnant at 18 weeks, but in retrospect there is a HUGE difference in the bump pictures between then and now (24 weeks). I definitely look pregnant instead of just chubby now.

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  • Finally not just looking fat it took till 20-21 weeks to get the "prego" look for me

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  • It was around 17-18 weeks that people started saying "you look pregnant!". And people starting saying congrats to me who I hadn't told yet. Apparently they noticed I was looking a little round in the belly and then confirmed their suspicions with other coworkers before saying anything to me directly.

  • With my first?  Probably like 24 weeks or so.


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  • I am plus-sized (18-20) and it took 20 weeks to even have a little bit of a bump... I'm still convinced that strangers just look at me like I've eaten a few too many doughnuts... but people who do know me say I am showing more now...

    My family carries babie's fairly descretely - My mom was size 14-18 depending on the pregnancy and my sister was 16-18 with her two boys... We have long torsos so it takes longer for us to show aparantly..

    Also, women with a tilted uterus usually show later as well... Everyone is different.

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  • First time round Id say about 26-28 weeks strangers cld tell I had a bump and wasnt just podgy. This despite putting on over 25lbs in the first triSurprise

    This time I?d say about 17 weeks and Id gained no weight at all. Wierd huh?

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  • First time around I didn't get a bump until right around twenty weeks. This time at twenty weeks I look like I did when I was 30 weeks. So I have been showing for awhile now. I feel huge, but have only gained 4 pounds.
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  • With DS1, I didn't start noticeably showing until closer to 24-25w.

    This time, with my 3rd, it's much sooner! 

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  • With my first, I had a noticeable bump at 18w, but it was only noticeable to myself (maybe DH). I started showing to others at about 21w.

    With this one, I was showing a lot earlier, but I can't even remember when. At 20w, I look like I did at about 25 weeks with LO #1 

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  • With #1 I got my first stranger comment at 26 weeks. 

  • I'm a FTM having twins, and I've just started really showing in the last week or so.  You still can't really tell if I am wearing baggy clothes, but there is a definite bump there that wasn't there a few weeks ago.  I'm just past 17 weeks - assuming I'm showing a little early due to the twins?!?!?
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  • image 18Emily:
    7 months. I was very active to begin with and I think that's why my tummy stayed in for so long. It's really just starting to pop and I'm 33 weeks.

    I don't think your level of activity has too much to do with it. I'm still very active this time around (2nd pregnancy) and was showing (to strangers) before my 1st tri was over.

    My first pregnancy (also very active - gym 4 times a week) I was showing by 5 months.

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  • people still haven't called me out on it so i guess im doing good.  I look like i got a little chubby in the belly area but can hide it in cloths.  I will know that I am showing when my students call me out on it.  They are in high school and have no shame to ask things like that

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  • I'm a STM and only 5'1" so started showing around 15 weeks.
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  • My Dr. didn't start showing until 20 weeks - and she had twins in there!

  • With my first I started showing around 24. That was when I got my first comment. I'm 24 weeks now with #2 and still am not showing - I just look thick. I've compared pics of this time and last and I am def not showing now like I was last time. 

    I guess that's because I'm 10 lbs behind where I was at this point last time, and I worked really hard on my abs and core in the year or so before I got pregnant again.  

  • I am definitely showing some, but honestly, I think it just looks like a gut at this point. Ick.


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  • I think mine started looking pregnant as opposed to fat around 23 weeks... BUT then today a woman at work said to me "you don't even really look pregnant".  I was SOOO mad!  I haven't gotten this comment in about a month or so.  Especially at 27 weeks I think it looks big and round.  I've gained 12 inches on my waist, so you're telling me you thought I was THIS big before?!? Ugh.


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