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Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep a toddler occupied while nursing?? I've tried books, special toys, playing in the toy room, cuddling with him and NOTHING... the only thing that works is TV which I hate doing.  Any help would be appreciated!

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  • I also had this issue. Unfortunately I had to resort to TV too and sometimes special snacks. Books only occupied him for so long. Sorry I am not much help. I am still having trouble with this and I am FF now.
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  • Oh my goodness! I'm having this exact problem! I've found nursing while sitting on the floor by his toys helps. He is more content to just stay in one place and play if I'm sitting with him. Last resort, tv works great too.

    Unlike when DS was a baby, I don't get all set up with the boppy on the couch, etc. I have to nurse wherever I am. Sitting on the floor, sitting at the kitchen table while DS eats, in the Bjorn while I chase DS around, etc.

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  • Luckily my DS is older so I don't have this problem as much but my DD does like to eat all. the. time.  I can walk and nurse pretty well so I usually just keep doing what I"m doing but I do it one handed.  I also put her in the sling to nurse if I'm really in the middle of something (like carving pumpkins yesterday) or will hand him a learning game on my phone or ipad if i'm desperate. 
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  • Yep, same issue here. We have been sadly using the iPad. I am not talented enough to walk around while breastfeeding.
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  • I have DD get involved.  She hold DS's hand while I nurse, strokes his head, holds my hand.  Then I tell her stories of what I used to do with DD when she was a baby.  Works most of the time.  When all else fails, I pop in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  I have no shame using tv.  It's just where we're at right now and won't last forever.  GL!

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  • Not gonna lie..

    TV or iPad

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  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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