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Flying with 18m old

Thank you for all the great tips everyone!!!

We are going to buy an extra ticket and take the car seat.

Next question: How did you lug the car seat through the airport? I don't want to spend $80 on one of those totes with wheels

Re: Flying with 18m old

  • many car seats can be carried like a backpack if you let the straps out all the way. Also you can tie it to a carry on. Good luck! we didn't use a car seat but DS hates being strapped in and would have cried the whole flight if I had brought it. I hear that they can be very successful. Take lots of things to keep her occupied. DS was very happy playing with my phone and the ipad. Other than that he slept. Let us know how it goes :)

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  • We took our umbrella stroller for LO and DH carried the carseat.  I had the carry-on bag over my shoulder.  It was tricky while we still had our luggage with us, but once we dropped that off after check-in it wasn't too bad. 


  • We just took our first flight with the kids and used this strap for DDs car seat -

    Best $15 I've ever spent! Worked great.

  • If you're using a rolling carry-on, you can use the latch belts on the carseat to strap it to the bag. I turned my seat upside down so the part where her butt goes was resting on the top of the rolling bag then ran the latch around the bag to hold it there. You just have to play with it a bit to get the strap adjusted right, but it worked great for me!

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  • Not sure if this helps, but we recently went to Florida for vacation with our little one who at the time was 18 mos. When you take a baby under 2 they are free and are considered a "lap child". You are also allowed a stroller (free of charge), a diaper bag(free), and a small carry on (free). We did not take a car seat bc they is no way to get it on and have room unless you buy an extra ticket. With the stroller they check it on once you load the plane and put it in the front so that as soon as you board, it is right there. Thats what I would do unless you think your LO will act up and cry if not in a car seat. Another tip though, take a bottle and/or juice (which you are allowed for the baby) because they will need it going up in are and down landing for ear pressure. It helped alot for us. Good luck.
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  • Oh and one more thing we did...that might help-was a LIFESAVER for us. We took the big stroller, and all our luggage and carryons and diaper bags we put in and on the stroller, that way it was like a free luggage rack, and just held the baby. Once luggage was dropped off it was easier but we still used the stroller all the way up to loading bc it was so CONVENIENT and EASY. Good luck =)
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