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Hello!  I mostly lurk here but I am at a loss with my son.  He is 13 and has ADHD and it seems that his moods are all over the place sometimes.  Like he goes in cycles where he's in good mood and being good and then he goes off the deep end and is completely intolerable.  You cannot even talk to him or get him to listen when he is in this type of mood.  Trying to punish him for his actions is a joke because it doesn't matter to him.  If you punish him by taking things away it doesn't phase him or if you try to reward him when he's being good it doesn't phase him.  We are currently working with a psychologist but I didn't know if there was anyone else out there that is in a similar situation that I could maybe bring up in our next session that maybe he needs to be evaluated for this or that type of thing.  For medication he is on Concerta and has been since he was DX back when he was in 1st grade.  Obviously the dosage has changed over the years and he goes for med checks on a regular basis.  I just don't know what else to do to try to help him so he can manage his moods better.

Re: Son living with ADHD

  • I told my daughter that she's allowed 10 minutes of 'having it out' where I send her to her room and she's encouraged to stomp, punch her pillows, scream into her pillows, whatever (without damaging anything) she needs to do to physically exert all her anger/frustration.  Then she has to come back down and we have a short 2-3 min conversation where I tell her she's allowed to be upset, but she's no longer allowed to not listen, or be ugly to anyone else in the house.  That's seemed to work for us for the past couple of years.  She'll be 17 in Feb.


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  • ADHD has some comoribids such as anxiety and depression. Adolescence probably makes it hard to tease these out. A discussion with psychologist might help or  a chat with psychiatry.
  • I have a DS, 19, with AS, ADHD and specific LD. At your son's age we were thick in a mood disorder- depression. A lot of kids with differences develop/reveal mood disorders as they approach puberty.

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