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Baby items worth their weight in gold

The post below about costs associated with raising a baby got me thinking about the things I couldn't have lived without during my child's first two years. So, STMs++ what were items you bought that you considered worth their weight in gold.

Me- swing for colicky baby, baby Bjorne , zoo membership to get us out of the house, exersaucer, Thomas the train DVDs, baby bath towel thing that kept him warm during baths, video baby monitor 

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Re: Baby items worth their weight in gold

  • My baby wraps for wearing her, DVD player for our car, bath hammock thing. It's funny because what is good for one person or baby is not for another. I thought a swing was a total waste of money, same with a crib/bassinet since we bedshare.


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  • Sleep sheep, the glowing seahorse thing, and my pal violet are our bedtime saviors. Yes, we use all three at the same time. 

    And siblings/cousins. 

  • Big swaddling blankets, and I am not talking those lame a$$ tiny recieving blankets (what a waste of money). A boucer, swing, or anything that reclines a tiny bit for setting down the refluxy babies I tend to have. Only one of my babies took a binkie but it was an amazing thing, and I loved them. A rocking chair, because my favorite thing to do is to sit and rock a sweet sleeping baby. That is about it for me.
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  • A&A swaddling blankets ( we use them for much more than swaddling), moby, breast pump, swing
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  • The B'jorn is one of the worst carriers you can put your baby in.. just an FYI.


    Swing has been a definite "must have" for us. So far all 5 of my children have loved their swing. I have both an Ergo & Beco baby carrier and while I don't really need both, having at least one is a definite necessity. We bedshare, but I prefer to have a PnP set up in our bedroom for when baby is napping and I need to get things done. Otherwise I'm certain my tots would let their curiosity wander and bother baby while he/she sleeps. I'm kind of a minimalist, so this about does it for us besides the obvious like a car seat.

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  • Love my Ergo! My DD is 11 months old and we are still using it! Hated the moby.

    She hated the swing at first but at about 3 months started liking it and we used it a lot when she was fussy and wouldn't nap/sleep.

    Also, my BOB Revolution stroller!! We used a Snap n Go for the first few months at the mall or errands def a better idea than a travel system IMO but Having the BOB helped me lose all 50 pounds of baby weight by walking/jogging w my DD everyday.

    The onesies with the mittens attached to the sleeve She wouldn't keep regular mittens on and it was winter and she would scratch her face. Carter's swaddle blankets. Rock n Play sleeper bc she had reflux. Oh and the Nose Frida! My Dd was just sick and it's the only thing that works to get all the mucus and stuff. Total life saver!
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  • I would say the swing for colic didn't sleep in anything but the swing until she was 3 months old, bouncer in vibration mode for constipation, Medela pump, Dr. Brown's bottles, Veggie Tales DVD's and portable DVD player (we traveled and flew 2-3x/month for work, this was a lifesaver on three hour+ flights), her wubby (stuffed animal head with little blanket for body) we had three identical ones because she wouldn't sleep without him, video monitor- and I'm sure many other things, it's just been three years since DD was a baby.
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  • Medela pump. Baby swing (batteries for the swing). Glow light that was just enough for the middle of the night diaper changes and feedings but not enough to totally wake us both up.
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  • White noise machine, swaddleMe, swing (it's the only thing she slept in for more than 2 hours straight the first 2 months).
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  • The swing was a waste for us.  We spent a fortune on it and DS hated it.

     We could not have lived without the Rock n Play.  Especially with dogs, it was a way to contain our DS without the dogs being in his face. He also hated laying flat on his back.

    I never think about it, but a good glider is so important. I use it every night.  I thought about just having a rocking chair to save money, but they are so uncomfortable on comparison.  We still rock, read, and sing every single night in that glider.

    A snap n' go was given to me free.  I thought I would never use it because I spent a ton of time looking for my travel system. I haven't seen that travel system stroller since DS was three months old because it was so cumbersome.  I shoved it off on my mom.  The snap n' go for the baby carrier, and a good umbrella stroller are all I have ever needed.

    In the toddler years, Thomas the Train has been amazing.  We do not need any other toys in our house because of our DS's obsession with Thomas.  I am sure any other train set would work, but he plays with them like dolls because they all are characters with unique personalities.  I always cringe a the prices, but that is what aunts, uncles, and grandparents are for :-) 

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  • a nipple shield (the only way i was able to nurse), manual breast pump (i was only a part time pumper and it was fabulous), microwave steam bags for bottles/pump parts. other than that i can't think of anything i needed on a regular basis...besides burp clothes and such. my son was colicky, slept great, was content anywhere we was put (bouncer, swing, bed)....i seriously lucked out. now on this next baby we shall see......
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  • Swaddle Me swaddles

    White noise machine w/ projector

    Itzbeen timer

    Bouncer (Ocean Wonders Aquarium)

    Snap N Go

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  • A A swaddle blankets, miracle blanket, nursing pillow, glider still love that thing and the rainforest jumparoo.

    Things that never really worked out the swing, pacifiers, glow seahorse, noise machine sheep.

    I never loved my baby Bjorn or my wrap but I am considering and ergo this time.
  • image Anne Mommy:
    Medela pump. Baby swing (batteries for the swing). Glow light that was just enough for the middle of the night diaper changes and feedings but not enough to totally wake us both up.

    What is a good brand of swing? 

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  • I loved, and still use, our Exergen brand temporal scanner thermometer - it's the kind you just swipe across the forehead. So much better than having to take rectal temps - especially when you're monitoring a fever.
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  • For #1--A vibrating chair, wrap, and floor mat.

    For #2--Swing, baby bjorn (she hated being wrapped), and the exersaucer. 

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  • Boppy pillows (for nursing because an 8lb newborn gets very heavy when supported by just your arms), the bouncy seats and carriers for the times when my hands were busy, and the swing because DS was a VERY fussy sleeper he only fell asleep in the swing or attached to my boob (also on the same note, LOTS of rechargeable batteries for the swing)
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  • a good car seat

    A&A swaddle blankets

    Fisher Price Seahorse





    Ring Sling



    Bugaboo stroller (i use mine a TON, even now that she's 3)


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