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Pelvic floor pain?


Is anyone else having pelvic floor pain? My Dr said it's cause the baby will drop slightly each day (she's officially dropped 2 weeks ago). Apparently now she is pressing right up against my cervix. Either way... Long story short it hurts, walking hurts, sitting hurts .. it all bugs me.


Any ideas how to reduce the discomfort? Better yet, any ideas if this means the baby is coming soon?



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Re: Pelvic floor pain?

  • This is so me! I am 37 weeks 3 days and feel like he could fall out. I was really crampy today and had flu like symptoms for a good half an hour. TMi was in bathroom, not fun really hoping this storm. Full moon and low pressure will help move him along!!!!
  • I've been this way for 2 weeks now. It never happened with DD.

    It literally feels like he could fall out when I'm standing. If I'm laying down and he turns his head and I double double up in pain.

    Sorry I haven't really found anything that really helps yet. I did pick up a support belt that seems to be helping some for when I know I'll be walking around for a bit.

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  • i feel like how your feeling and im only 35wks+4days along and when i get up it hurts when i lay down it hurts i could barely walk sometimes and when sleeping at night is hell i could never feel comfortable whenever i switch sides because it hurts reallly bad
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  • I have been like this since 30 weeks and I am 37. I feel like someone hit me with a bat down there. Sorry to be so blunt. I have not found anything that works other than bed rest, but it only lasts for a little. Good luck
  • I've been feeling like this for almost 2 weeks and I'm slightly dilated.  I didn't experience this type of pain with my son so I'm hoping that the baby is getting ready for delivery!  GL
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  • The pain is so intense I can't stand it! Doc said he's just head down, no dilation. Getting in and out of bed is like the worst thing in the world. :(
  • I feel your pain! (literally!) I definitely have more pain when I do too much so I am trying to take it easy as much as possible.  Unfortunately I don't think there is much we can do about it.  
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  • I've got that. It hurts. And it feels like he's trying to claw his way out. Holy freaking ouch.
  • @steffizzy...same here && getting out of bed or even getting is the worst feeling...i have notice know that I've been feeling wet alot down there && i seen sum discharge saturday...sorry for the TMIEmbarrassedZip it!

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  • Sucks to hear so many others are going through the same thing! I hope it ends for us all soon. I have never taken so many baths in my life (seems to help a little bit). From the start of my pregnancy I said I wanted her to stay in there for as long as she could (I'm in my last university term and I'm due before its over... figured it would be easier to the get last bit of work done with her in as opposed to out) However, as soon as this pain started I was quick to change my tune....


    Might start trying some of those old wives tales to indue labor.... :(

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  • Feeling the same thing ladies.  Funny story though - I teach preschool and one of my students ran over to give me a hug and accidentally punched me right in the kisser.  I feel bad because I yelled 'ouch' so loud I terrified the poor little girl! 

  • image abundantlybless21:

    @steffizzy...same here && getting out of bed or even getting is the worst feeling...i have notice know that I've been feeling wet alot down there && i seen sum discharge saturday...sorry for the TMIEmbarrassedZip it!

    I've had more discharge, too. The doctor checked and everything is normal.

    right now as I type he seems to be using his feet to push into my tummy to ram his head into my cervix! ...But there's still 4 weeks til my due date.

  • I'm also feeling this and have been for about 2 weeks.  The only relief I get is making sure my bladder is completely empty.  Which means I pee every time I stand up now.  The other relief is walking like a penguin.  I have to waddle or it hurts.  I agree that getting out of bed hurts - getting into bed hurts too.  And I feel like I do it all night long with all the bathroom trips. 

    Last night I was propped up on the couch watching TV and had just went to the bathroom.  As I was laying there, he must have been head butting my bladder because every 30 seconds or so, I had a sudden urge to pee and then it would go away.  Kid's testing his limits already!  

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  • It used to be that the floor pain was just at the end of the day. Now it is all day everyday. It hurts to walk, get out of bed, roll over, get out of a chair...

    The only time it doesnt hurt is reclining or laying down. Why the heck am I at work today?

    This part sucks.

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