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Leaky Boobs and Crampy stomach... OUCH!

Well, I have been researching on how early you can start leaking but I see some ppl say it's related to pre-term labor.... Is that a hoax or just ppl who may have had the 2 happen before and related them together? Also, I am feeling like I am about to start my period, but I know that isn't the case... Normal? It's been almost 7 yrs since I have experienced a pregnancy, however, it was a rough 1st one... this time around has been more "normal" , but, not sure if these symptoms are "normal" or not.... Any advise would be great! PS. I am 21 wks and 1day.

Re: Leaky Boobs and Crampy stomach... OUCH!

  • I would say you'll get your best advice when you speak with your DR. I was told by my DR that cramping is fine, unless you can not move from the pain, or if there is any bleeding.
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  • Whether it was LO or gas bloating, I had a lot of pressure and cramping low in my abdomen.  Leaking is just one of those, "everybody's different" situations.  Doesn't have anything to do with pre-term labor.  
  • I've heard that period-like cramps are common in the first trimester but you should probably talk to your doctor about it now
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  • I was getting cramps like I normally would during ovulation and found out I have a small cyst on my ovary. I was told it should go away on its own, but might be something to ask about. As for leaking, I started leaking with my last pregnancy between 16-18 weeks and my son was born full-term with no problems at all. I did have little contractions at about 7 months, but I was dehydrated... my fault, and nothing to do with leaky boobs.
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