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Anthem Health Insurance and Breast Pumps

Hi, All,

I have Anthem Health Insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield and I called today to see if a breast pump would be covered under my health insurance.  I read that come Jan. 1 most insurance companies would be required to cover the cost of a breast pump because of Obamacare regulations.  Well, my insurance company said that right now they don't cover it, but to check back when my policy renews in July with it's updated coverage info.  Dandy, but I'm due February 6th and would need a breast pump well before July.  Am I misunderstanding the new regulations?  Does anyone else have Anthem and got a yes from them as far as covering the cost of breast pumps is concerned? I just don't want to go out and pay the $300 only to find out that indeed, the customer service rep. who assisted me on the phone was wrong, and I do get some coverage starting in January.  Any info. would be super helpful.  Thanks!


Re: Anthem Health Insurance and Breast Pumps

  • I have the same insurance and I got the exact same response.  I even tried to push them on it, but got nowhere...I was curious about whether I was missing something as well. 
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  • I have humana and was told that starting in January they will cover rental of a hospital pump. I got this from one of their nurses this week. Before that I was told that they didn't cover anything.

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  • I have Optima Health Insurance and the rep told me that breast pumps are covered under the Women's Preventative Service which started August of this year but each insurance has different stipulations. She informed me that when my policy renews in Jan. 2013, they will cover either the rental of a breast pump via the hosptial or Durable Medical Equipment store or if I purchase it from a retail store I can be reimbursed by Optima.  I haven't decided which route I am going to take yet.



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  • I have anthem and the representative told me it is covered if there is a medical reason and to wait to file my claim/medical necessity till I'm at the hospital.  Same as the poster above, it has to be ordered through a durable medical supply store or the hositpal. The rep also stated they cover renting as well, whatever is less $$ for the insurance company is what I'm sure they will suggest.

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    I have Anthem BCBS they said it's covered 100 percent when our policy renews in Jan. I just have to get it from a approved medical store or site.

    This is what i was told as well.

  • I think it all depends on when your policy renews. Though the law went into effect in August, it doesn't affect your policy until your policy actually renews, whenever that may be. A lot of policies renew at the new year from my experience, but theoretically they can have renewal dates anytime throughout the year i.e. at the change of the fiscal year. Then of course each policy is handling it differently. Some are reimbursing you, some are letting you order one of several models, but from an authorized DME providers, while others are only paying for a specific pump from a specific supplier. I too have BCBS, but Federal, not Anthem, and their policy renews in january and they are only paying for either the Ameda dual electric or single hand bump and it has to be ordered from a specific company.
  • Your insurance isn't required to cover it until your policy renews any time after January 1st. If your open enrollment/renewal is in July, they don't have to cover it before then. :(

    I'm in the same boat, but mine renews in April so I plan on renting for 2 months.  

  • The difference is based not on your provider but on your policy/plan. The law took place on aug 1 of this year, however, it doesn't affect you individual plan until its time to renew(so July for you). Unfortunately, it's just poor timing for you individually. Many plans do renewal the start of the new year and some earlier, like mine renewed oct. you could look at renting one until your plan renews, but you will want to make sure to understand the fine print that goes along with coverage as each company and policy is interpreting the new law slightly different. Also, some plans have been grandfathered in and don't have to comply with the new law. HTH




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