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Hurricane Sandy

Anyone else in its path like me? Work is cancelled til Thursday and taking advantage of some serious TV watching until we lose power.

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Re: Hurricane Sandy

  • Yep, watching TV and movies until the power gives out and then I will start writing thank you cards for gifts already received prior to my shower.   

  • I am. We're doing the same thing as you..just taking advantage of our electricity while we have it.

    My parents live south of us on the coast. They evacuated but their neighbors didn't and the pictures their neighbors have been sending them are crazy. A lot is under water already and the storm hasn't even made landfall yet. 

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  • We're catching up on TV & eating food from our freezer! DH's work was cancelled today and will likely be cancelled tomorrow but it's not all that bad here in the DC area yet.
  • I'm in Jersey. Our office is closed but I'm supposed to still work from home.

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  • I'm just outside DC; the wind and rain have picked up since this AM, but it's not too bad here.  I'm just enjoying the electricity while we have it by watching Netflix and ironing curtain's for the baby's room.
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  • I'm near Philly, work closed getting ready to veg out on tv while I can. Doing laundry and running the dishwasher while I still can too lol. Stay safe everyone!
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  • Hope you all are staying safe!

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  • We're in upstate NY. it's funny they're cancelling schools already even though we won't see the effects until tonight. I think a lot of people are still scared from all the damage we saw with Irene.

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  • Schools are cancelled for today and tomorrow in NYC (I'm a teacher).  So I've been hanging out at home with DD.  I don't know which is more working - teaching a room full of first graders or keeping a 2 year old occupied indoors for an extended period of time!  We'll be doing crafts when she wakes up from her nap!  
  • Stay safe ladies!!

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  • Yay, as of right now we have no work today or tomorrow. We are on long island so I don't know when we will actually start to go back to work.We moved into our house two month ago and have one room with a lot of things we need to put in the attic or organize so when our power goes out that is what we will be doing by candle light! lol! Good luck everyone and stay safe!!!
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  • Stuck in my hotel room in Boston. I amazed at the limited offerings on cable on a Monday. You would think with the east coast watching TV they would have put some decent movies on.
    The project I am here to do has been postponed a day, I am keeping my fingers crossed it will not be two.
  • Yup. We got wind and rain up here in Ma! Me and the husband have been watching The Walking Dead all day! Got to love Netflix!
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  • We're starting to get the wind now so I just made sure the batteries were good in the flashlights and got the candles out. And of course flash flooding is a major possibility in our area so I'm preparing emergency bags for DS and I. So for now, eating dinner and watching some TV/keeping my kindle and cell phone on the charger. It has been raining all day, and though they said we should only get 4 inches from this, we've already had 3' today. Probably going to be a long night.


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  • I'm on the West Coast in California.  Just wanted to send all of you good thoughts and lots of "stay safe" dust for the next few days!
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  • I'm in northern NJ.  I've never experienced wind like this!  The sky keeps lighting up with blown transformers, but luckily we still have power.  School was cancelled for Monday and Tuesday.  The superintendent said he'd let everyone know by 6am tomorrow if it would be back on for Wednesday after the damage had been assessed.  This is nuts!
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  • I'm in Michigan and while we're definitely not getting what NY/NJ and the other coastal states are getting, we are getting our share of wicked winds and rain.... Hope everyone stays safe!
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  • We are in central NJ and it has been crazy windy/rainy since about 3pm. Still have power, although I don't know how! Our fence is down as our neighbor's swing set came barreling thru it about 2 hrs ago. My DH and the neighbors got it secured and it should be ok. The wind and rain will continue all night but I'm hoping the worst is over. Stay safe everyone !
  • I evacuated last night and my area is flooded.  I think my basement apartment and all my stuff is toast.

    Thank G-d, everyone in my family is safe in my friend's house at the moment.

    My prayers are going out to everyone in Sandy's path...stay safe! 

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