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STM BF question

Hey moms.  If you BF your other kid(s), how long did you do it?  I've been seeing some posts recently and it got me wondering.  6 mos? A year? 2?  I'm just kind of wondering what the average is.  
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Re: STM BF question

  • The recommendation is for at least a year when baby can start having whole cow's milk. I BF'd my son for 15 mos. that was when he seemed emotionally ready to stop and my supply greatly diminished. I planned on only BFing until I went back to work at 4 months, but babies have a way of changing your plans, opinions, etc. In my case, my son was very emotionally attached to it and refused bottles. What surprised me was that it was ok with me since I wasn't ready to stop either. We were both ready at 15 months and the transition was nearly seamless.
  • I have no idea what the actual average is (you can use google as easy as I can for that), but I did nurse DD til she was 2 1/2. For the last half year I think we were down to just at bed time, and sometimes first thing in the morning. Weaning was so gradual so there was no pain, emotional or physical, I didn't feel sad or grieve over not nursing anymore, and it was so intermittent that my boobies had no trouble getting back to normal. They did leak for a while afterward, tingled when babies cried, and even a year after I could squeeze drops from them, but no pain.
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  • I think the general consensus is to EBF until 4 to 6 months before introducing solids, then to keep BFing along with giving solids until 12 months, then you can introduce whole cow's milk. That doesn't mean you HAVE to wean at 12 months, but I think that's when a lot of moms start the weaning process. The WHO recommends to keep BFing up until 2 years, but I don't know many people who actually have done it.

    Now, that's what the books say, but please don't put too much pressure on yourself. the important thing is that your baby is fed and that both you and baby are happy :)

    Personally, I BFed DD1 until 15-16 months. DD2 abruptly self-weaned 2 weeks after her first birthday.

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  • I think it's totally what works for you, your baby and what you're comfortable with. If you plan to go back to work, it can certainly be a hassle, but is definitely doable if you have a good support (hubby, boss) and a system (for cleaning bottles, parts, refrigeration, etc.). I am completely pro-breast feeding, but I'm also pro-do whatever works best for you and no one should judge you for it (nor should you feel guilty).

    Back to your actual question, I'm not sure what the average is. I think 6 months. I BF'ed until my son was just about 18 months, but not exclusively. He had cow's milk starting at around 12 months and then he nursed about 2-3 times a day from 12 months until 18 months. GL!

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  • I nursed DS1 until he was 17 months old. I pump weaned at 12 months, so we transitioned to mainly WCM then, but continued another 5 months of morning and evening nursing. With DS2, I had a similar expectation, so I was taken completely by surprise when he completely weaned by 13 months. I pump weaned again at 12 months and in introducing WCM, he never looked back. He's never once tried to nurse or ask to nurse since then. 
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  • 13.5 (that half is so important lol) months. I fully intended on bf'ing longer but my m/s became too severe to continue. Fortunately, DD didn't seem to mind when I weaned her but assuming my next experience is like my previous one, I'd like to go at least 18 months.

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  • My son just turned one on 10/6 and we are still BFing. He has weaned down to about 45 times a day. And he has to have breakfast and some moo juice if I say milk around him he comes crawling over at the speed of light to rip a boob out!! before I will BF.

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  • When I was pregnant I set the goal for myself of nursing for 6 months and then reevaluating. It was still going well so I kept BFing until 9 months when he chomped HARD with his new teeth. I tried the 'immediately end the session technique' but it made him so upset I weaned over about 3 weeks instead, taking away one session at a time and replacing it with pumped milk, and then formula. [I was nursing 5 times a day then] honestly he didn't care and was fine with the bottle, which made me feel better about my decision.

    It was hard at first, and we went through a phase around 3 or 4 months where he was gumming the hell outta me and actually caused bleeding, but in general it was a great experience and I am glad it worked out the way it did for us.

    It is whatever works for you! Obviously breast milk is best, so if you can nurse that's wonderful [and pretty convienent once you get the hang of it] but everyone is different, and this is definitely one of those things where you should try not to compare yourself to others.
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  • I'm still BF'ing DD and she's almost 18 months.

    The AAP recommends BF'ing for at least a year. The WHO recommends two years.

    It's completely up to you what you decide to do. My first goal was a year, then 18 months. Now that we're here I haven't quite decided what's next. I'd like to let DD self-wean, but quite honestly the thought of nursing a toddler and a newborn at the same time scares the heck out of me. DD will be just under 2 when this one arrives. I'll probably wait and see how the next few months go before I make any decisions.

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  • I BF'd for almost 16months. I might go to 2y this time, but DH wouldn't be happy with me...

    The average you get on the bump won't be the average for the nation. IIRC, a majority of moms quit BF by 6 weeks. 

  • I BFed until 18 months. Which is when she was done. I skipped the bedtime once and she never fussed or asked again.

    I pumped weaned at 15ish months when it appeared she would tolerate goat's milk. She was MSPI, so I was intending to go until she couldn't tolerate an alternative. I was lucky enough to have a large freezer stash. So we mixed that in with her goat's milk until she was 21 months.

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  • My DD will be one in a few days and we are still BFing about 2 times a day. Usually once in the morning and once during the day. My supply dropped pretty drastically once I got pregnant again, so I didn't really have a choice but to start slowly weaning. DD doesn't seem affected by it, and she loves WCM, so I'm happy.
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  • DS is 2 and we still nurse twice per day. I am initiating the weaning process though, it's getting uncomfortable during pregnancy. The longer you can bf the better, but it seems like a lot of women stop at 1 year or earlier. At least in my area.
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  • I wanted to still be BF at this point but we had so many latch issues that he would only hook on in the middle of the night at 5 and 6 months. I gave up the rental pump at 7 months after blowing 2 up. I am the odd one out because all my friends nursed until the kids weaned.

    With #2 I am hoping to go as long as possible.

  • I bf'd DD until about 20 months. The only thing she had was breast milk until 6 months when we did baby led weaning. I would ave continued to bf but she was over it.


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  • I BF DS for 22 months. I had to go on domperidone at 11 months (long story) and by 18 months I had weaned off the dom and had lost most of my supply. I weaned using "don't offer don't refuse" and a little coaxing and DS self weaned around 22 months. I was home with him for 14 months and when I went back to work we were down to just his bedtime feeding, so it was a slow process and we were both ready. 

  • 1 yr and 2 weeks for DD.  I got my BFP at 1yr 1 week and she was already down to just a morning and night nursing session.  We had already started some WCM and it was getting painful for me to nurse since my supply dropped and she was tugging so hard.  I miss it and can't wait to nurse this LO!
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  • DD1 breastfed for 2 years and 4 months. DD2 self-weaned at just 16 months. My goal for BFing is 2 years, unless the baby wants to wean before then (like DD2 did).
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  • I did for 3 months.  I wanted to for at least 6, but by month 2, she wasn't gaining enough weight as she almost always immediately fell asleep on the boob so my supply tanked.  It was a terrible time for me, I was constantly stressed out about feeding her, pumping, or trying to feed myself.  Plus she had reflux, so my dr said I would have to cut out pretty much every vegetable & dairy from my diet to help her...and considering we are (mostly) grain-free in our house, that didn't leave a whole lot to eat, and I lost a lot of weight which didn't help with supply.  After lots of guilt, stress and research, I supplemented with formula and EP so I could measure my production.  By 3 months, I was barely able to pump 2oz total, and she was doing great with formula.  I was going back to work then too and I couldn't justify the hassle of pumping at work for such a tiny amount, so I stopped completely at 12 weeks.  DD has thrived ever since, and been a happy, healthy baby.

    This time around, I am planning to meet with a LC early on if there are any latch or fall-asleep problems, and MH to make extras at dinner so I have food already made for lunch the next day.  Also, to find peace with whatever feeding decision works best for ME, whenever needed. 

    Seriously, happy mom=happy baby. 

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  • 10 months with DS. I wanted to go to 2 years but he was over it.
  • I made it until about 9 months. My goal was a year, but I couldn't keep up my milk.  It was really hard to keep pumping at work.  It just took so long and I didn't have a great place to do it every day so I spent half of my break walking around trying to find a vacant room to use which got super frustrating after a while.  This time my goal is to get a good freezer stash going while I'm at home and I'm in a different work environment which should be much more condusive to pumping privacy.  I'm really going to do whatever it takes to keep up my milk until 12 months when we can transition to milk. 

    I don't feel like I failed or that my daughter was any less nourished by formula, but I'd like the cut the expense with #2 and the cost of formula vs. free mommy milk really adds up! 

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  • My goal with each child is at least 2 years. That's the WHO recommendation. DD1 nursed to 3y2m. DD2 is pretty much done now at 2y3m.
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  • DS BF for 13 months when he weaned himself.

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  • I started weaning at 6 months and quit at 7 months. 

  • I nursed DS for 14 months. He literally woke up one morning and refused to nurse. I tried for the next couple of days but he refused. 

    I am still pumping for DD at 14 months. Around 9 months she started biting and I could not get her to stop ( a problem I never had with DS) My supply is dropping so I am combining breast milk and cow's milk...it was a tough adjustment at first.

    My goal has always been to nurse/pump for 12 months (assuming no obstacles) and after that I leave it to my LOs. 

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  • I just about quit while still in hospital. DS was 4 weeks early and didn't catch on to BFing right away. Plus it took 5 days for my milk to come in. Once we got the hang of it I EBF'd for 6 mos and introduced solids at that time. I BF'd another 3 months at which point he was done. ETA: a word
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  • I knew I wanted to breastfeed for at least a year, and then I figured I would let Tony just kind of wean himself. As lucky would have it, he weaned himself right around his first birthday! I plan on doing the same with our second LO.
  • FTM here so please excuse me if this is a silly question. Is the recommendation that you breastfeed or that the baby have breast milk. Again FTM so I can't imagine what it will be like to BF until the baby is 1 let alone 2. I'm sure that once the baby is actually here and I am BF my opinion may change, but is it as acceptable to BF for 6 months and then pump for 6?
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