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Anyone in Oregon with ASD?

DH and I are still on the job search. Something just came up in Portland, OR, which has been my dream city most of my life. Does anyone live in the area? We're looking particularly at ABA coverage. From what I see, it doesn't appear to be a state that mandates ABA coverage, but given DH's job type, most employers will be exempt anyway, so we'll need to talk with them individually.

Any info would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!!

Re: Anyone in Oregon with ASD?

  • I am on the Oregon/Idaho border, and we have actually looked into traveling to portland just for help. I don't really know what sort of coverage they have but I do know that once a child hits 3 they work closely with the school district. OSHU is the big medical hospital and they do a lot of therapy/testing, as does University of Oregon. We looked into moving to Eugene this past summer and infant toddler said they would just transfer his IEP to the schools there.

     It's a beautiful area and I am dying to move back!! 

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